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    “Why are you staring at me?” Linda and Kingsley asked at the same time and smiled.

    Just then Tochi entered seeing them together which had never happened for a long time.

    “What’s going on here?” she asked.

    “Nothing?” they replied at the same time again.

    “Hmm, but i have never seen both of you together like this oh. Anyways, Kingsley will make a good husband to the iron lady”

    “What is that suppose to mean?” Linda asked.

    “Did i call your name? Or is your name iron lady..?”

    Kingsley couldn’t stop smiling as he listened to both of them with his hands folded.

    “The principal is calling you, kingsley” Tochi told him

    “Why?” he asked.

    “I don’t know”

    “Alright” he stood up and went out immediately.

    Few minutes later, the bell rang and all the students were gathered in front of the principal’s office. They knew an important information wanted to be passed out to them anytime they are summoned that way.

    Mr Nelson and Mr Anuma stood on the higher pavement looking at all the noisy students.

    “Quiet, please!” Kingsley shouted before it gradually died down then Linda admired him while Vivian disdained him.

    “Good afternoon, students!”

    “Good afternoon, sir!”

    “A better and a useful information has to be passed out to every student in Nigeria” the principal began. “The federal government has approved that any student who is able to score nine As on his or her waec examination, and can also defend it after he or she is called at the waec office will be given a scholarship to study abroad” the students began to rejoice.

    “Quiet!” Mr Anuma shouted before everywhere remained calm again.

    The principal continued, “This will enable students to study hard and improve educationally. I am proud that one of my graduated students was able to get nine As and defended it. So I’m urging you to study hard too so that you will be like him. Do you understand?!”

    “Yes, sir!” the students chorused.

    The principal went inside the office and left the floor for Mr Anuma as usual then students began to giggle when he adjusted his eyeglasses and put his hands inside his pockets.

    “Sir, please, don’t murder us with your grammar oh!” a male student shouted from the crowed.

    “Sir, take it easy please” a female student added.

    “Quiet” Kingsley shouted then everywhere became quiet.

    “I’m not surprised at your vulgarization” Mr Anuma began. “The information which has been given to you tantalisingly, no matter how vivacious, voracious, even cadaverous and wanderlust your are, if you don’t make your books your first priority then you will end up precipitously”

    “Heeehh!” the students shouted. Then Mr Anuma smiled and went into the office too.

    “Sir has finally murdered me after all the pleading” the boy said bitterly and smiled.

    Kingsley stood before all the students. He was actually given the order to dismiss them immediately after the information, so he called on Linda to lead them in prayer which she did reluctantly and everybody went home except Tochi and Linda who met Kingsley at the junior section where he was locking the classrooms.

    “Kingsley, you looked for my trouble today oh” Linda started.

    “What have i done?” he asked smiling.

    “Why would you call me to lead the prayer?”

    “Because he loves you” Tochi interfered.

    “Bia, this girl, take time oh” Linda warned pointing at her with smiles on her face.

    “Are you going home now?” Kingsley changed the topic.

    “Yes, should we wait for you?” Tochi asked.


    “I will only do that for a reason” Linda said.

    “What reason?” Kingsley asked.

    “For the reason that she loves you” Tochi interfered again and ran away, then Linda pursued her while Kingsley smiled at them.

    They waited for him to close the classrooms before they went home happily and cracking jokes.


    SS3 waec candidates began their exam. A day before that, Wisdom called Tochi on the phone at night when she was in her room.

    “Promise to make me proud once again by passing your exam” he said.

    “I promise you, of course i study hard. Don’t worry, i will soon meet you there” Tochi replied then Wisdom laughed.

    “How sure are you that you will make nine As?” he asked.

    “I’m very sure oh!”

    “Well, i wish you good luck”

    “Thank you”


    “Bye, i love you”

    “I love you too” the line went off.
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    Vivian, whose calls had been rejecting by Wisdom sent him a message that same night: WEATHER I MAKE MY WAEC OR NOT I’M COMING OVER TO SHOW YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU..
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    On the examination day, candidate waited outside. Some were reading their books while some didn’t care but believed that manner would come down from heaven or probably the answers to the questions will be seen on the ceiling.

    Only Vivian was seen alone but as time went on other close friends of hers met her under a tree and started a conversation.

    Tochi and Linda also were at another angle thinking of how the examination will be while Kingsley was with Mr Anuma. Few hours later the examination kicked off.

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    kizito is falling and linda is falling also,who is going to catch who.may god see tochi through.

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