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    Chester went home but found a different car parked outside. Then he called Shehu, the gateman.

    “Whose car is this?” he asked.

    “Walai, oga me i no know oh” Shehu replied.

    “Is okay” Chester went into the sittingroom. He saw his parents, Maria and her father sitting and chatting.

    “Good evening, sir” he greeted.

    “Evening, how are you?” Mr Henry, Maria’s father asked. He wore an expensive agbada with a big stomach just like Mr Silva.

    “I’m fine, sir” Chester replied and got sitted.

    “Chester, where have you been?” the mother asked.

    “I went to see a friend, mum”


    “Chester” the father began. “I’m happy that you have decided to make me proud. Mr Henry here, which is also my friend is Maria’s father. He’s here to discuss your trip with his daughter. I hope you are ready”

    “But dad, i haven’t decided if i will school in the same country with her”

    “It doesn’t matter, son” the mother interrupted instantly. “You are doing it so that both of you will know and cooperate with each other very well. She’s studying the same thing you are studying, okay?”

    “Listen my boy” Mr Henry sat properly. “Just as you are the only son of your father so as Maria my only daughter. And both of you are expected to take over from where we are going to stop. That’s why both of you need to work hard, okay?” “I never knew your son has grown so big like this” he turned to Mr Silva.

    “As you can see, he’s really pumping up” he replied and they laughed. Even Maria smiled admiring Chester who wasn’t laughing or smiling.


    Chester had already taken off with Maria to Australia. That same morning, Kingsley came to school as early as possible. He never gave up on both Tochi and his studies. Students gathered outside immediately after the assembly because it was a P.E day.

    The junior students ran around the whole field while the prefects tried to control them.

    “You vagabonds should stand according to your houses with your locomotive organs which don’t want to be static!!” Mr Anuma shouted at them from a distance.

    Meanwhile. Linda and Vivian sat alone inside the classroom watching the activities through the window. Suddenly, she brought out her phone to Linda’s astonishment.

    “Come, why did you bring phone to school?” Linda asked her.

    “I am expecting a call”

    “From your boyfriend schooling abroad, abi?” she said disdainfully.

    “Before nko” Vivian replied. Just then she was summoned by one of the teachers so she handed the phone over to Linda instantly and hurried out. At that same time, Tochi walked inside the classroom to her locker just to take a paper for students’ names but she was surprised to see Linda with a phone.

    “Hey, whose cell phone is that?” she asked.

    “It is Vivian’s” Linda replied and began to go through her pictures.

    She became surprised when she saw Wisdom and Linda’s selfee. She quickly closed the app immediately Tochi came over.

    “What is it? Why did you close those pictures?” Tochi asked.

    “Did you see them?” she returned the question curiously.

    “No, not really, it wasn’t clear”

    “Okay, they are pornographic pictures”

    “Is a lie! Let me see”

    “No oh, it will corrupt your mind”

    Just as they were dragging the phone a foreign number called and they could see the name of the caller: My Boo.

    “That must be her boyfriend calling from abroad” Tochi said with smiles.

    “Is true” Linda replied but believing that it was Wisdom since his pictures were also on the phone.

    “Let me pick the call” Tochi suggested.

    “No, don’t”


    “Because is not your phone”

    Just then, Vivian rushed in and grabbed the phone by force. She picked the call walking towards the back of the classroom. Then Tochi went out to resume her duty behaving like nothing concerns her.

    “Hello, it took you time to pick, why?” Wisdom asked on the phone.

    “I’m sorry, i left it inside my bag”

    “Can i talk to Tochukwu Desmond, please?”

    “But she’s not in school” Vivian replied and glanced at Linda who was staring at her suspiciously.

    “Why is she not in school?”

    “I don’t know. I miss you so much”

    “Thanks, i will call back tomorrow” Wisdom cut the call.

    “Okay, i love you!” Vivian shouted to the hearing of Linda before she went back to her and found her staring suspiciously.

    “Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked.

    “Vivian” Linda called. “Who called you on the phone?” she asked.

    “My Boo”

    “From where?”

    “From Nigeria”

    “But that’s a foreign number”

    “Because he’s not in Nigeria”

    They remained quiet staring at each other.

    Vivian was beginning to sense that she must had gone through her pictures. So she became more inquisitive.

    “Why are you asking me all these questions? How long have you checked my phone? Where and where did you enter?”

    Linda kept quiet staring at her with all anger. “How long have you been dating Wisdom?” she asked.

    “Which Wisdom?” Vivian asked.

    “The one that just called you and the one whose picture is on your phone. I mean your Boo!!” she replied but Vivian became speechless……..

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