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    Her room was dark and quiet, but she could hear her mother preparing breakfast in the kitchen when she woke up. She quickly turned on the light and everywhere became bright. She wore only a pant which had different colours without a bra to support the slightly fallen b—-t.

    One could see her n—–s stood erect feeling the coldness of the morning and her fairy hair down her abdomen. Her name is Melody Smith. The books on the table reminded her that it was a day she had been preparing for, a day which she had waited for and a day she kept special for the dream she had that night. She quickly rushed into the bathroom without thinking twice and began to take her barth. She sang a melodious christian song as she had her body wet with soupy water. But she suddenly stopped and stared at the wall. “I have never dreamt of a man in my life, but here i was last night dreaming of a man i don’t even know. This is weird” she concluded in thought and continued. Few minutes later, she rushed out to see her mother dressing the dining table.

    “Good morning, Mummy” she greated and the mother looked at her. She was impressed to see her ready for school.

    “Sit down my daughter” she said. “The God who gave me money to register you on this waec examination will make you pass in Jesus name!”

    “Amen, Thank you Mummy”

    “Welcome. Just take your breakfast”

    After a while, Melody entered the road to her school without any bag but with a Mathematical set. One could see the shape of her underwears clearly and looking very attractive from behind. She hurried into the school compound but couldn’t believe her eyes.

    The school was as quiet as a grave yard. Nobody was there, then she became surprised and wondered what was happening. It was a clear description of her dream. “God, am i still dreaming?” she thought and slowed down. She narrowed her vision and saw a boy in uniform but his face wasn’t clear. “I saw this same thing in my dream. What is going on?” she thought again and became scared.

    “Hi” a female voice startled her from behind then she turned sharply and breathing heavily.

    “Thank Goodness you are here!” she said.

    “Why are you so frightened?” Calista asked her.

    “Can you imaging nobody is in school”

    “What did you expect? School is on vocation”

    “But at least waec candidates should be here by now”

    “But look at a waec candidate there” Calista pointed at the boy standing at a distance.

    “Do you know him?” Melody asked.

    “We shall know when we get there. Let’s go”

    The boy stood in front of SS3A with his two hands in his pockets looking handsome. He barbed his hair in a fashionable style and had dimples which was only visible when he smiles. He had a chocolate complexion with a pair of shoes on his feet. He turned to Melody and Calista when they came around.

    “Hi, Good morning” he greeted.

    “Good morning” they responded and glanced at him. His face wasn’t familiar which made them wondered who he was. Melody could see how he stared at her, then she withdrew her face looking at other side.

    “I guess you also came for the exam” the boy said aloud.

    “Yes, and who are you?” Calista asked.

    “I’m an external candidate. My name is Edwin Goodness” he stepped down.

    “Oh, welcome and I’m Calista Jacob”

    “Nice to meet you” they shook hands, yet Melody looked uninterested to their introduction.

    “Ehnm.. Hello” Edwin called her attention before she turned and looked at his handsome face. “Are you okay?”

    “I’m fine” Melody gave a weak smiled.

    “May i know your name too?”

    “I’m Melody Smith”

    “That’s a pretty name”

    “Thank you”

    Just at that moment, candidates began to arrive. They saw Mr Anuma’s car from a distance and also saw Esther looking beautiful.

    “Hey, Mrs Chester!” they exclaimed and ran towards her then eventually hugged her at the very sight of Edwin.

    “Come, this girls, is too early for this hug and jokes. Which one is Mrs Chester again?” Esther asked smiling.

    “Are you not Mrs Chester?” Calista asked.

    “She cannot deny it” Melody added.

    “Crazy girls!” Esther smiled and they began to move into the hall.

    Melody could see Edwin still staring at her as they were moving, then she became nervous and neglected him.

    Few minutes later, the hall was populated with students and the day was brighter than before.

    Chester and Wisdom had come but were with Mr Anuma who gave them an instruction before they went into the hall at the same time.

    “S.P!!” some students shouted and Wisdom began to smile. Chester gradually left the floor for him and sat beside Esther who smiled at him broadly.

    “Good morning, handsome” she greeted.


    “Yes, that’s your new name”

    “Wow, thank you”


    “I hope you prepared very well for this exam”

    “Of course, yes” Esther replied. She crossed her hand on his arms and placed her head on his shoulder.

    “Good morning my fellow students!” Wisdom began.

    “Good morning, S.P!” students responded.

    Before he continued, Jennifer slowly walked in and everybody stared at her…….

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