‘“The Unexpected True Love” – Season 2 (Updating Episodes)’

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    One could see her n—–s stood erect feeling the coldness of the morning and her fairy hair down her abdomen. Her name is Melody Smith.

    The books on the table reminded her that it was a day she had been preparing for, a day which she had waited for and a day she kept special for the dream she had that night. She quickly rushed into the bathroom without thinking twice and began to take her barth.

    She sang a melodious christian song as she had her body wet with soupy water. But she suddenly stopped and stared at the wall. “I have never dreamt of a man in my life, but here i was last night dreaming of a man i don’t even know. This is weird” she concluded in thought and continued. Few minutes later, she rushed out to see her mother dressing the dining table.

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