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    Chester didn’t need to stay behind just as Esther agreed to wait for Wisdom. So he shook hands with Wisdom and departed. Of course he had a driver who suppose to have taken him home but he always insisted on living like other students.

    Students weren’t much at school. All had gone home except the seniors who hung around with their dates but none was at the sight of Mr Anuma to avoid embarrassment especially when it comes with a mind blowing grammar.

    Jennifer and her two friends were still around. They were inside the classroom arranging their books while Esther and Wisdom were seen at the junior section. They walked like teenage couples with their bags hanging on their backs. Wisdom moved to lock the JSS1 door and Esther called him back.

    “Let me help you with your bag” she said.

    Without hesitating Wisdom handed the bag to her. In the process, his arm mistakenly touched her soft breast and Esther smiled.

    “Why are you smiling?”


    Esther was always like that. She glows with smiles at any little thing unlike Jennifer and that made her more beautiful.

    Wisdom locked the doors and they began to walk towards the senior section.

    “I don’t like what you did to that girl” she began.

    “Which girl?”


    “Who cares?”

    “I do! It isn’t good”

    They became quiet.

    “It’s so fun to be with her” Esther broke the silence but Wisdom kept quiet. “And she is also a good girl” she added.

    Suddenly, Jennifer came out with her friends. When she saw Wisdom with Esther, she ran and gave him a peck while Melody hissed and continued walking.

    “Hi my love” she said and gared at Esther.

    “Why is Melody behaving like that?” Wisdom asked.

    “Don’t mind her. Are you going home?”

    “Not yet”

    “Alright, bye, see you tomorrow” she gave him another peck and walked away making Esther to be jealous. Meanwhile, Esther had already left the place into one of the classrooms.

    “Hey, Melody wait for us!” Calista shouted.

    “Don’t mind her!” Jennifer added.

    Wisdom walked into the classroom and found Esther gazing at the wall with her hands folded. He could sense that she wasn’t happy. “But why?” he thought and touched her.

    “Are you okay?” he asked but Esther didn’t say a word and walked towards the window.

    “Your mood has changed. Have i offended you?”

    “No, don’t worry, I’m okay” she turned and gave him a weak smile.

    “You look more beautiful when you smile”

    “Thanks, but can i ask you something?”

    “Go ahead”

    “Are you.. i mean do you.. are dating Jennifer?”

    Then Wisdom understood why her mood changed. He smiled.

    “No, I’m not” he replied.

    “Then what was that behavior for?!”

    “She’s always like that”

    “Gush! That girl is so annoying!” she walked towards the door. “Please, let’s go” she added.

    Wisdom locked the remaining classrooms and they left. Before they departed, Esther handed his bag to him and stared into his eyes silently which Wisdom noticed.

    “When last did you kiss?” she broke the silence.

    “Kiss? I have never had one before”

    “Me too”

    “That means we have something in common”


    They smiled still staring at each other.

    “Bye” Wisdom broke the silence.

    “Okay, bye” she smiled and gently walked away.
    ===Playloaded Stories===
    Tochi kept her bags and rushed in the kitchen and found her mother making lunch.

    “Nne, ehihi oma” she greeted in igbo language.


    “Yes, mama”

    “How was school today?”

    “Hmm, Mama..” she sat on a stool and adjusted her skirt downward. “Mama you won’t believe what happened today. One stupid boy nearly naked me!”

    “Hey! For what?!”

    “Only because i refused to answer his question”

    “He must be stupid! I must report to the principal!”

    “Don’t worry, Mama, the principal settled it and moreover the boy apologized”


    “Yes, he said it wasn’t intentional”


    Tochi kept quiet without telling the other part of what she passed through in the hands of the same boy because she knew that she was at fault for not greeting her senior and her mother wouldn’t have taken her side.

    “Mama” she called. “I need a uniform oh?”

    “Yes, That reminds me, the tailor said you should come and collect it when you are back”



    Before Mrs Desmond could finish, Tochi ran out with a high speed!
    ===Playloaded Stories===
    Wisdom’s parents weren’t rich but they were contented with what they had just like Tochi and her mother. He dropped his school bag and laid on the bed to reflect on what happened at school.

    “What is Jennifer up to?” he thought. “She behaves strange, why?” he remembered Tochi and hissed. “She’s so annoying!” he soliloquized and thought of Melody’s character. “What’s her own problem? I will never understand girls” he stood up and went out. He wore a white singlet and a boxer. His d*ck could be seen dangling to and fro in it.

    Mrs Caleb, his mother was just returning from the market with a basket of foodstuffs in her hand.

    “Good afternoon, Mummy” Wisdom greeted looking hungry. “Don’t tell me you’ve not cooked”.

    “There is food in the kitchen my son. Where is your father?”

    “He’s not at home” he walked into the kitchen……….

    Getting interesting right???

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