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    Though, it was afternoon but the weather wasn’t hot. There was a gentle wind which took over the atmosphere. It blew at every angle and grasses making them to stagger around as if giving thanks to God. The road was lonely nd quiet. Only the singing of the birds was heard by Melady and Calista as they walked simultaneously without saying a word. Actually, Melody thought her last statement she made to Calista about Jennifer was provocative so she looked her and asked, “Have i done anything wrong by saying that Jennifer was the one who misled you?”

    “No, just that i can’t believe i wanted to kiss and have s-x with my fellow girl” Calista replied.

    “But it wasn’t your fault”

    “I know, but isn’t it awkward to behave like a l£sb!an in the public?”

    “Listen, everybody knows that it wasn’t your fault and also innocent of Jennifer’s evil plans, okay?”

    Calista kept quiet and adjusted her school bag. Only their footsteps were heard on the lonely road.

    “Did Chester laugh at me yesterday?” Calista broke the silence.

    “I have no idea but i don’t think he did. Why are you even concerned about that?” Melody asked.


    “Are you sure? Or have you forgotten that i know you had your eyes on him?”

    Calista smiled and adjusted her bag again. “Yeah, that’s true but i think he loves Esther” she said.

    “Thank God you are the one saying it”

    “It’s obvious”

    They became quiet again.

    “Somebody told me that you can’t force someone to love you just like Jennifer did but ended up disgracing herself” Melody broke the silence. “So we shouldn’t force ourselves to people that don’t love us” she added.


    “Yes, because I’m also included” they stared at each other and smiled.

    “Thank you for not resisting to be my friend. I’m so happy”

    “You are welcome” Melody replied and they walked home smiling.
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    Esther met her mother in the kitchen preparing lunch. She wore a black short skirt and a white top which exposed the hand of her black bra.

    “Good afternoon, Mummy” she greeted and got busy.

    “How was school today my dear?”

    “Fine Mummy” she replied without looking at her or smiling. The mother noticed it and stared at her for a moment.

    “Is there anything bothering you my dear?” she asked.

    “No, Mummy, I’m fine”

    “Did anybody provoke you at school?”

    “No, Mummy”

    “Listen, i am your mother, you can always talk to me about anything. I know you have come of age and few months from now you will be 20 and find yourself in the university. So feel free my dear”

    “Thank you Mummy, but I’m okay” Esther said, yet without looking at her.

    “I actually fell inlove with your father in my secondary school days” the mother began then Esther looked at her. “Initially, i couldn’t believe it but i finally accepted him”

    Esther was surprised to hear her mother saying that. She couldn’t just believe her ears.

    “So my dear, are you passing through emotional feelings?” the mother asked.

    “No oh, Mummy” Esther responded and turned sharply.

    The mother looked at her and smiled knowing very well that she was hiding her feelings.


    Mrs Desmond sat in the kitchen pounding with mortar and pestle. She tied a wrapper across a black voluminous top and covered her head with a hair-tie. Suddenly, Tochi came out wearing a jean trouser and looking beautiful.

    “Tochukwu nwam” the mother called.

    “Yes, mama!” she replied and looked into the mortar. “Hey, mama is okay nah, stop pounding!” she exclaimed.

    “No, is not. Just sit down”

    “I hope there is no problem”

    “No my daughter” the mother stopped pounding and looked at her. “It seems like you like that your lesson teacher” she said.

    “Hey, Mama! Ibia kwa” Tochi exclaimed in igbo language which means. “Mama, you have come again!”

    “Have you forgotten that i was a young girl like you? It is written all over you. You were totally down yesterday but immediately he came you became strong and happy, so you can’t deny it. But what I’m going to tell you as a mother is to becareful and keep your pride”

    “I have heard you Mama” Tochi replied smiling. She took the pestle from her and began to pound.

    “But that boy is very handsome oh” the mother added.

    “Oh, mama is okay nah!”

    “Is not okay! Allow me to speak my mind oh!”

    “Oya nah, speak, Mrs speaker”

    Just then, Wisdom entered looking ever handsome in a jean trouser too which had the same ash colour with Tochi’s.

    “Good evening mama” he greeted smiling and Tochi turned sharply.

    “Evening my son” Mrs Desmond responded. “How are you?”

    “I’m fine”

    “Let me set the table and bring my books” Tochi told Wisdom. Due to she knew what her mother can do or say, she turned and looked at her in a way that shows: Don’t say anything oh!

    After Tochi entered, Mrs Desmond called Wisdom closer. “Thank you very much for helping my daughter. She’s now very intelligent” she said.

    “You’re welcome Mama” Wisdom replied.

    “You are also kind and handsome too. I think you will make a good son in-law”

    “Mama stop oh!!” Tochi exclaimed from the room making Wisdom to smile the more…..

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