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    Tochi’s legs began to vibrate gradually and her sympathetic nervous system activated than before making her heartbeat increase like she was about to o—-m through s-x. Her lips shook gradually and eyes fist on Wisdom’s handsome face. She couldn’t think of anything or anybody but Linda’s statement: “Better reject him if he propose unless you want to die. I know what Jennifer and her mother can do just to get what they want”

    She also remembered Jennifer’s recent statement: “You don’t know how extreme i can go just to win Wisdom’s heart, so better stay away from him”

    Her mind diverted to Esther, “God, what will she say or do?” she thought. As she reasoned all these things, Wisdom saw tears dropping from her eyes.

    “Why do you shed tears my love?” he began to clean it.“Please, say yes to me and i promise to be with you forever”

    “Wisdom?” Tochi called. “I must be lying if i say i don’t love you. My heart beats when i just think of you, i feel the same way you feel but what about Jennifer and Esther?”

    “You alone i have choosen and nobody else”

    “I’m scared!”

    “Nothing will happen to you!”

    “I’m sorry Wisdom, i can’t do this. I can’t face these people especially Jennifer and feel like a betrayer or boyfriend snatcher to Esther” she wanted to walk out but Wisdom held her back.

    “Please, don’t leave without saying yes to me”

    “I’m sorry Wisdom, i have nobody to fight for me”

    “I will fight for you! I will always be there for you? Please, don’t break my heart”

    “I’m sorry” she disengaged his hands and ran out.

    “Tochi! Tochi!!” Wisdom called bitterly stretching his hand forward.
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    It was a disastrous day for the two lovers. In all his life, Wisdom had never been rejected by a girl or feel heartbroken for once but here he was battling with the feelings. He sluggishly opened his room, sling his school bag and la!d on the bed.

    “Akunauche” Mr Caleb, his father called and opened his room. He actually calls him in igbo language than English. “Are you okay?”

    “I’m fine, Daddy!” he replied with his face on the bed.

    The father noticed that something was bothering him but didn’t want to dig into it. “Tell your mother i have gone out when she comes back” he said and closed the door without Wisdom responding.

    On the other hand, Tochi also went straight to the backyard where her mother was. She stood at the door with heavy eyes and greeted.

    “Tochukwu” the mother called. “Why are your eyes red and swollen up?” she asked.

    “Are they?”

    “Yes!” the mother stood up to get closer but Tochi interrupted her.

    “Mama is nothing, an insect flew into my eyes”

    “The two eyes?”

    “Yes, mama” she turned immediately and went into her room.

    “Lekwanum aya oh!” the mother exclaimed and went back to her seat.“ I rebuke that kind of insect in Jesus name oh” she added.
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    Jennifer went home just to meet her mother with a handsome young man who was actually demanding for a love charm, then she stood at the window and taking a glance of what was going on in the main room.

    “You only have to use these leaves” Mrs Mbakwe, her mother began and handed some leaves to the young man. “Make sure you squeez one of them first thing tomorrow morning after calling her name three times, use the same hand and robbe the girl’s face, she will automatically become yours”

    “I hope it works only on her”

    “Yes, that’s why you must call her name before doing it” the young man smiled, he collected the leave, paid some money and went out just to see Jennifer at the window.

    “Hey girl?” the man said.

    “Good afternoon” Jennifer greeted and walked in shaking her butt0ckz which the young man glanced and smiled biting his lips. Jennifer greeted her mother and watched her keep part of the leaves. “I have actually seen what i wanted” she thought and couldn’t wait for the next day.
    ***Playloaded Stories***
    Melody was really worried as a young 19 year old teenager who wasn’t given attention by boys. As usual, she was the only one at home meditating in her room with a Biology textbook before her. She wore a white top with only a pant sitting on a long stool. One could see her fresh thighs and belly looking very attractive. “I guess Chester is secretly in love with Esther” she thought and concentrated.

    On the other hand, at Esther’s resident, the house was a bungalow but fashionly designed without a fence. Mr Godwin, her father’s car was parked outside but wasn’t at home. Esther was in her room with a physics textbook. She was actually trying so hard to get over everything that happened but couldn’t. She wore a jean trouser and a bra, but when she heard a knock on the door she put on a T-shirt. Meanwhile, her mother had gone to open the door. She opened it and saw a young boy looking classic and handsome standing at the door.

    “Good evening, ma’am” Chester greeted.

    “Evening, who are you?” Mrs Godwin asked.

    At that moment Esther came out and her eyes caught with that of Chester. Then her heart skipped.

    “I’m Silva Chester” Chester introduced himself….

    Like I said in Episode 29…. To every hand that will comment on this episode… May that your crush locate you soon….

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