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    Chester was as handsome as Wisdom with a dark complexion. He was born with a silver spoon and everything that concerns him must be carefully taken care of. Though, he was in the same SS3 with Wisdom but in different class. He waited patiently under a tree for him to come outside from the principal’s office. The morning wind blew his shirt continuously reminding him that he ought to be inside his classroom. Suddenly, he saw Wisdom coming out of the office, then he ran to him.

    “Xup bro”

    “Guy, I’m gonna make this girl’s life miserable in this school”

    “Take it easy bro, things are not done that way”

    “Imaging this girl slapped me!”

    “I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t use it against her. I guess she’s a new comer”.

    “Yes, she is”.

    “Take heart bro, I’m going into my class now”.

    They shook hands and Chester left into his class.

    As Wisdom wanted to enter to his class too, he stumbled on Melody who was also walking out.

    “Watch where you are going!” She shouted. Before Wisdom could react, she hissed and walked away.

    Wisdom entered and found Calista and Jennifer staring at him smiling. Other students seemed unconcern as they were having conversation.

    “Why are you staring at me like that?” Wisdom asked Calista and Jennifer before others attentions were drawn.

    “I’m sorry, sir” Calista replied but Jennifer didn’t say a word. After Wisdom sat on his seat with his face down on his locker, sooner did he feel a soft delicate hand on his shoulder, then he faced up just to see the owner of the hand.

    “Sorry for the insult exhibited by that local girl” Jennifer said with a low voice still with her hand on his shoulder. “But who is the girl?” she asked..
    Esther, Melody and Chester were in the same class, SS3B while Wisdom, Calista and Jennifer were in SS3A. Meanwhile, Tochi was in SS2B.

    Esther saw how angrily Melody walked into the class then she was moved to ask why but she didn’t say a word to her.

    “I wonder what her problem is” She told Chester.

    “Me too” he replied.

    “Imaging how Wisdom was embarrassed this morning by that girl” she changed the topic.

    “Yeah, and he’s really angry about it”

    “Who’s the girl by the way?”

    “I don’t know, i think she’s a new comer. I saw her walking into SS2 classroom”

    Esther became quiet and spaced out in thought. She was also wishing to have Wisdom everyday. Chester noticed her quietness, then he asked, “Are you okay?”

    She realised herself and smiled. “I’m okay” she replied.

    “Are you sure?”

    “Yeah, I’m okay” she adjusted her seat still smiling,
    Jennifer was still expecting Wisdom to answer her question looking straight into his eyes.

    “According to the principal, she’s a new student that just resumed school” Wisdom replied.

    “Are you upset about her attitude?”

    “Why not? And i must make sure she pays!”

    Jennifer smiled and gently sat down beside him still with her hand on his shoulder. Calista stood at a distance watchin her movement. Even Wisdom was surprised of the way Jennifer behaved. So he stared at her.

    “Do you know what?” Jennifer began. “I will help you make her life miserable”

    “No, i don’t need your help”

    “I’m only trying to help you”


    “Is it a crime now to help a friend?”

    Wisdom kept quiet looking at her in amazement.

    “Can i ask you something?” she demanded staring at him.

    “What is it?”

    “Will you..” Jennifer wanted to respond but the presence of a teacher who entered interrupted her. “Never mind” she concluded and went to her seat. Before she stood up, she gave him an attractive look, then Wisdom became surprise.
    On the other hand, Tochi sat quietly in her seat when Mr Anuma entered with only a packet of chalk. They greeted and sat down. He was surprised to see Tochi in the classroom.

    “Hey, stand up” he pointed her.

    “Me?” someone beside Tochi asked.

    “No, i mean the green horn”

    “Are you talking to me, sir?” Tochi asked.

    “Yes, stand up”

    “But sir, i don’t have a green horn. I’m not an animal” all the class laughed.

    “That’s not what i meant. A green horn simply means a new person. Aren’t you a new comer?”

    “I am sir”

    “What’s your name?”

    “My name is Tochi, sir”

    “Your full name?”

    “Desmond Tochukwu”

    “Well, i hope you know what it takes to be in this class?”

    “Yes, sir”

    “Alright, who is a bacteriologist?”

    Tochi began to scratch her head. It was obvious she didn’t know the answer.

    Then Mr Anuma turned to other students. “Who is a bacteriologist?” he asked again.

    Suddenly, Tochi raised up her hand.

    “Okay, tell us Tochi”

    “A bacte…”

    “Bacteriologist” Mr Anuma helped.

    “It is someone who studies battery” Tochi answered and Mr Anuma smiled. He could see boldness on her face and body. Though, she could behave like an illiterate but she wasn’t. Seeing her make an attempt to the question encouraged Mr Anuma the more.

    “My dear” he began. “A bacteriologist is a person who studies bacteria not a battery, okay?”

    “Okay, sir”

    “You may sit down”

    Tochi smiled.

    To be continued.

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