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    Mr Anuma put one of his hands inside his pocket and glared at Wisdom who stopped before him.

    All the students’ attention went to them. They knew that Mr Anuma was angry and they expected nothing from his mouth but grammar. So they listened very attentively.

    “Good morning sir” Wisdom greeted looking handsome.

    “Caleb” Mr Anuma began and adjusted his eyeglass with the other hand. “I am so aback at your resent pestilential attitude. Why have you decided to change from being an arboretum to a scallywag?!”

    Wisdom bent down his head in shame. Some students like Tochi pitied him while some giggled at Mr Anuma’s grammar.

    Wisdom raised his head up boldly and said, “I’m sorry sir”

    “No, apology not accepted. I demand to know the cause of this late coming that you have deliberately succumbed to!”

    “I woke up late, sir”

    “Did you hear that?” Mr Anuma turned to nobody. “He woke up late! A senior prefect is telling me that he woke up late!”

    “I’m sorry sir, it will never happen again”

    “Thank God I’m in a good mood today. Go and resumed your duties immediately!”

    “Thank you sir” Wisdom walked out smiling which gave Tochi a bit hope, so she smiled too. Esther also turned and concentrated when Wisdom was released.

    The assembly went on normally without the presence of Wisdom. Esther occasionally glanced at Tochi. “Why has Wisdom decided to choose her instead of me?” she thought and hated her the most.
    ***Playloaded Story***
    Just after assembly was over, Chester sat alone on his locker without saying anything. He brought out his phone secretly and began to operate it bending his head downward on the locker. But he quickly hid it when a hand touched him, then he raised his head up just to see Melody smiling at him.

    “Why are you startled?” Melody asked.

    “Because i was actually going against the school rules” he replied, then Melody looked under the locker and saw his phone in his hand.

    “Oh now i know!” she exclaimed. “I wonder what Mr Anuma would have said about this” she gazed at the ceiling with a finger on her lips.

    “He would have said..” Chester began, “..children of this modern generation cannot comprehend on their own again without the help of so called technology”

    “Yes!” Melody shouted and they laughed which attracted Esther’s attention. Then she looked at them but didn’t care. As they kept on laughing and joking, she became jealous, yet didn’t want to make herself known. Suddenly, a female teacher entered and all the class became quiet.
    **Playloaded Stories***
    Jennifer walked to Wisdom’s locker humbly. Her face sparkled with beauty and her b—-t pointed outward looking sexy.

    “I’m sorry” she said.

    “For what?” Wisdom asked.

    “For slapping Tochi”

    “I thought we have settled that already”

    “No, you are still not close to me”

    “How close do you expect?”

    “Very close. I don’t know why you don’t want to notice my love for you”

    “Please, stop, be yourself!”

    “Is Tochi more beautiful than me?”

    Wisdom kept quiet. After few minutes of no response, Jennifer went back to her seat and Calista came around.

    “What did he say?” she asked.

    “He said nothing”

    “Hmm.. That Tochi has taken his heart”

    “I will make Wisdom love me” Jennifer said staring at the wall.

    “How?” Calista wanted to know.

    “Watch and see!” she concluded.


    Wisdom was lost in thought thinking how to revile to Tochi how he feels. “I know she will reject me probably because of my past actions towards her or because of Esther and Jennifer” he thought.
    **Playloaded With The Vibe***
    Meanwhile, Tochi was also in her classroom reading her book. But she stopped and stared at the wall. She was really missing Wisdom and wanted to hear his voice. She suddenly faced her book again but a voice interrupted her, then she quickly looked up. Lo and behold, Wisdom stood before her. Her heart skipped, returned and began to beat faster.

    “Wisdom?” she called with a low voice allowing the book to fall from her thighs.

    “Good day” Wisdom greeted.

    “Sorry for my manners, Good day” Tochi forwarded the greetings.

    “I’m sorry for..”

    “Is okay” she interrupted him. “I understand. I waited for you though but didn’t see you”

    “I’m really sorry”

    “I said is okay” she picked up the book and concentrated on it.

    “Can i talk to you after school?” Wisdom asked, then Tochi raised up her head.

    “You mean both of us?” she asked.


    “I hope no problem.. by the way did you tell Esther what i told you?”

    “Yes, i only told her we aren’t dating”

    Tochi stared at him expecting other other part of her request but Wisdom kept quiet.

    “And?” she broke the silence.

    “And nothing” Wisdom replied. “Please, will you see me after school?” he added.

    “Okay, if you say so”

    “Thanks” he walked out gently and Tochi didn’t need a prophect to tell her that he was going to propose to her.

    Shey you day grab?

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