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    In slow motion, Wisdom walked out. He grabbed his bag to the very sight of Chester and went home making him believe that things didn’t work out well. Chester went into the classroom and Esther embraced him in tears. His shirt was wet with the tears but he didn’t mind, rather he reciprocated.

    “Is okay, all shall be well” he said.

    After few minutes of shedding tears in his arms, Esther dried her tears and wanted to pick her bag but Chester did that before her and brought out his phone.

    “Hello, can you meet me at school as soon as possible?” he said through the phone, then Esther wondered who he called. She wanted to ask but didn’t have the strength. Just before they walked quietly towards the main road, a black car stopped in their presence. The driver came out and opened the back door.

    “Enter” Chester told Esther who stared at him.

    “Who’s car is this?” she asked with a low voice.

    “Is my dad’s car and this is the driver. I called him to come and take us home instead of trecking”

    Esther remained speechless wondering why Chester had a driver but didn’t always come to school with him. She glanced into the car and Chester again, then finally entered followed by Chester then the driver drove off.

    Inside the car, Chester glanced at her occasionally but she didn’t care to look at him. She was actually staring through the glass until they got to a few meters before her house.

    “I will like to stop here” she said, then Chester told the driver to pull over. Esther looked at him for the first time and said, “Thank you very much”

    “See you tomorrow” Chester replied.

    She stepped down and Chester watched her went home sadly.
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    Tochi also went home sadly wondering the kind of thing she has put herself into. “It is my fault?” she began to think. “How can’t i stop this feelings and stay in peace? The more i try the more i fall inlove with him..”

    “Tochi!” the mother interrupted her before she realised herself.

    “Good afternoon, mama”

    “What is it? You were totally lost in thought”

    “Nothing, mama, is just a small headache” she walked into her room.

    Few hours later, she was already missing Wisdom and wanted to be sure if he really accepted Esther. Her heart began to beat when she thought of that. She set out her table with books as usual waiting for Wisdom to show up just to see him and get the information from him but the time was already 5:30pm Wisdom was nowhere to be found. She glanced at the door occasionally hopping to see him standing there with a smile and looking handsome but all was an illusion. Her mother could see her not concentrating on the book before her. “Tochukwu, you can go and rest. Your teacher won’t come today” she said.

    “Mama, he will come” Tochi hopped.

    “By this time?”

    “Yes, he will..”her voice began to break and eyes wet with tears. She quickly bent down for her mother not to notice it. Few minutes later, she glanced at the time again, 6:00pm, then she gathered the books inside with a broken heart. The weather was already getting dark when she went outside and stretched her head still hoping to see him but she didn’t. She concluded that he has accepted Esther, then walked inside with tears in her eyes. She couldn’t sleep throughout the night.
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    Wisdom was also disappointed at Tochi’s words to accept Esther. It made him think that she didn’t love him or feel the same way he felt which was the reason why he refused to go for the lesson feeling heartbroken.


    With the heavy heart, Wisdom woke up and glanced at d clock.

    “Jeez! 7:30 already?!” he exclaimed and rushed into the bathroom with a toothbrush.

    Meanwhile, Tochi had gone to school very early as usual hoping to see Wisdom walking around with his hands in his pocket. But assembly was due Wisdom was not yet in school.

    As students rushed to the assembly ground, Tochi stopped Chester and asked. “Have you seen Wisdom?”

    “No, i don’t know why he’s not in school yet”

    Tochi’s heart began to beat again.

    “Oh God! What happened yesterday?” she asked.

    “Nothing much, he went home without talking to me”

    “He did?”


    Just at that moment. Esther passed them making her presence to be known but didn’t say anything or even look at them. Tochi wanted to greet her but she hesitated when she saw that she was still angry.

    The assembly began, yet Wisdom was nowhere to be found. Jennifer and Esther could see how Tochi stretched her head occasionally to see if she would see him. Even all the students got worried why Wisdom wasn’t in school yet.

    Mr Anuma came out and saw students under a mango tree. He looked for Wisdom but didn’t see him. “Hey, Chester!” he called then Chester ran to him.

    “Where is Wisdom?!”

    “I don’t know sir”

    “What nonsense!” he exclaimed and glanced at his wrist watch. “You may go” he told Chester.

    Just at the very sight of all the students on the assembly even Tochi, Wisdom hurried to Mr Anuma who wasn’t looking happy…

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