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    Tochi didn’t know how to express her request to the fogey old man, so she began to scratch her head and smiling at the same time. Being a wise old man, the man understood her strange attitude.

    “I know you want something from me that’s why you are acting foible” the man began. “Listen my daughter, you have to be folksy to me all the time.

    Now tell me, what’s your demand?”

    “Papa is because of this your big big grammar that made me to come here oh. You are no different from our teacher Mr Anuma”

    The old man laughed. “So you want me to teach you grammar or what?” he asked.

    “No, i want to borrow your dictionary so that i will be checking all this grammar you and my teacher speak”

    “That’s so good of you” the man dusted his legs and went inside. He came out with an oxford dictionary and handed it to Tochi. “You can keep it” he said.

    “Ehn?! Papa, you mean i should take it without returning it?”

    “Yes, is now yours”

    “Hey! Papa thank you oh. God will bless you! But wait oh” she paused. “Which one will you use?” she asked.

    “I have another one”

    “Hey! Thank you so much. I must learn grammar by force. Grammar, here i come!” she rejoiced home while the old man smiled at her funny character.

    ***#THE_NEXT_DAY 4:30pm

    Due to the presence of Melody’s mother she wasn’t able to see Wisdom as she planned the previous day. So here was another opportunity for her to go and see him. She dressed up wearing a jean trouser and a white T-shirt with a flat footwears. She opened the front door and couldn’t believe who she saw.

    “Wisdom?”she called and stared into his eyes. She could see some textbooks in his hands and a pen.

    “I was just going to your house” she added.



    “Well, i have come before you” they smiled.

    “Come inside” Melody opened the door widely.

    “No, i’m rushing to somewhere. I’m
    already late”

    “Oh, i see” she looked at the books again. “Are you having a private lesson with someone?”

    “Yes” Wisdom knew she would ask who the person was so he jumped over to the main reason why he came. “I saw your note and gift, so I’ve came to say thank you”

    “You are welcome” Melody smiled.

    “I hope you paid the school fees”

    “Yes, i did”

    “Okay, bye”

    “Alright, see you on Monday”

    Wisdom left while Melody entered inside and admired him through the window.
    ===Playloaded Stories===
    It was 4:45pm and Wisdom was not yet at Tochi’s residents as they planned which got Tochi worried. However, she had told her mother about Wisdom whom Mr Anuma have instructed to help her study and she agreed. One could see a table she set outside-at the backyard with books and dictionary on top of it but she was actually with her mother in the kitchen separating vegetables and looking restless. She looked back occasionally at any little voice she heard to know if it was Wisdom.

    The mother noticed her mood to be unlike her and also glanced at the table full of books.

    “Tochukwu nwam”


    “You behave strange or is it because of the Wisdom you told me about?”

    “No, Mama” she looked back again into the passage hoping to see Wisdom coming through it. “How can it be because of him?” she added.

    “But you never behaved like this when you expect a visitor”

    “Habah Mama!” they smiled. “How am i behaving?”

    “As if you are expecting a suitor”

    “Hey! Mama you have started oh!”
    they laughed. Suddenly, a voice came from behind and Tochi turned sharply. She saw Wisdom looking more handsome without his uniform. He wore a jean trouser and red polo with a fitted red and black palms on his feet. Her heart began to beat again and the vegetable fell from her hand.

    “Good evening, ma’am” Wisdom greeted Mrs Desmond.

    “Evening my son. Are you the Wisdom my daughter has been anticipating restlessly?”

    “Yes, ma’am” Wisdom stepped down from the stairs smiling and Tochi looked at her mother in a way that shows: Mama stop!

    “Now i know why she has been restless because you are more than handsome”

    “Mama!!” Tochi exclaimed very loud and touched her.

    “Onginidi?! Biko hapum aka!” the mother spoke in igbo language which means. “What is it?! Please, leave me alone!”

    “Thank you ma’am” Wisdom said.

    “Please, call me Mama and leave that Ma’am for now”

    “Okay, I’m sorry mama”

    “Now you come!”

    Tochi became shy and hardly look at Wisdom which he also noticed.

    He looked at the table and said, “Tochi, i can see you are ready to study”

    “Yes” she replied without looking at him, even her mother noticed the meaning of her behavior but trusted her daughter.

    “Then lets go and start immediately”

    “Okay” she replied walking briskly to the table and began to dust the seat making her butt0ckz look attractive involuntarily but Wisdom wasn’t carried away by it.

    “Just seat down” Tochi told him.

    “What about your seat?”

    “I will go and bring it” she rushed out feeling so shy to look at him.

    She suddenly came back.

    “Mama, sir Edward is here to see you” she told her mother.

    “Okay, i have been expecting him” she went out and Tochi brought the seat and sat beside Wisdom….

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