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    The gentle wind made the eye contact between Wisdom and Tochi more romantic when Esther added a question tag to her sentence but she was so blind to see it.

    “Are you inlove with the guy that the tree reminded you of?” Esther asked Tochi again.

    Wisdom was expecting her to say yes because he knew Tochi was indirectly referring to him and that would have given him a clue on how to tell her his feelings, so he listened very attentively.

    “No, i don’t love him” Tochi replied and Wisdom was disappointed.

    “But you smiled when you remembered the person” Esther told her and continued, “When you remember someone and smile it shows that you are inlove with the person”


    “Yes, so follow your heart my dear” she concluded and held Wisdom very closely.

    Few minutes later, they got to where Esther had to depart and leave both of them to continue.

    “Okay, have a nice weekend” Wisdom told her.

    “Just like that?” she question and Tochi looked at her.

    “What next?” Wisdom threw back the question.

    “You should at least give me a hug” they smiled.

    Wisdom gently hugged her, and through his shoulder Esther looked at Tochi in a way that explains: Remember what i told you. Then they disengaged themselves and she departed.
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    The road was too lonely for Wisdom and Tochi as they walked semutanuoisly without exchanging words to each other. They could see birds flying across their heads and hearing the sound of distance vehicles. Tochi saw herself being more gentle and humble. One could tell from her appearance. She had an attractive steps and body totally. She couldn’t just stop thinking of the dream she had with the same person beside him.

    “Who is the guy?” Wisdom broke the silence without looking at her.

    “Which guy?” she looked at him.

    “The one the tree reminded you of”

    Tochi smiled and kept quiet.

    “I mean the one from your former school” Wisdom clarified and then looked at her.

    “He was my senior just like you” Tochi replied.

    “What’s his name?”




    Wisdom kept quiet and thought for a while. He understood that she was indirectly referring to his own Wisdom, then he smiled.

    “Then why don’t you love him?” he asked.

    “Nothing” Tochi replied without looking at him. “Though, i also dreamt about him yesterday night” she added.

    “Really? Can you tell me about it?”

    “I saw exactly what happened under the tree with him”

    “And what happened under the tree?” Wisdom stopped and looked at her in anticipation.

    “The Wisdom in my former school ehn” Tochi began. “He took me under the tree when rain was falling, he was so nice to me that i even slept in his arms”

    “That was a romantic dream” they began to walk again smiling. “But that should be a reason why you should love him” he added and listen to hear a response from her but Tochi never said a word. They walked quietly like that till just a few metres away from Tochi’s house.

    “That’s our house over they” she pointed.

    “Oh, i have seen it. I will come tomorrow by 4:00pm”

    “Okay” they stared at each other and smiled before Wisdom gently left, then Tochi began to miss him already. She couldn’t stop looking backword to see him for last time.

    “Wisdom!” she exclaimed from a distance, then Wisdom stopped and turned. “Please, don’t disappoint me. Make sure you come tomorrow oh!” she added.

    Wisdom didn’t say a word but smiled at her and nodded his head positively.
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    Jennifer’s house was far from Wisdom’s but close to Calista’s, Esther’s house was close to Chester’s but far from Wisdom’s, Melody’s house was close to Wisdom’s but far from Chester’s. While Tochi’s house was close to both Wisdom and Melody’s house but far from others.

    Melody was in the kitchen preparing lunch. She wore a blue short skirt and a brown top without bra. Her n—–s could be seen through the top as if she was sexually arose. She had a mother who was not always at home and their house was a bungalow. She was taught to be responsible and have the fear of God in her, that was actually the reason why she found Jennifer’s and Calista’s behavior towards boys very repulsive. She imagined if Wisdom saw the gift and the note she kept in his locker or not. “Should i go and meet him later in the evening?” she began to think. “No, that will be awkward. Why am i even thinking about him? But could it be that Wisdom has his eyes on Tochi of all the girls in Winners International Secondary School (WISS)? Hmm, i can’t believe it and i wonder what Jennifer’s reaction will be if what I’m thinking is true” few minutes later, she neglected the thought and began to sing a Christian song.
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    Just on the way to her house, Tochi branched at their neighbour’s to borrow a dictionary from an old educated man. He sat in front of his house with just a wrapper tied around his waist. One could see white hair on his chest.

    “Good afternoon, papa” Tochi greeted.

    “Eah! Tochi! the Tochi!”

    “Yes, papa”

    “You look serious with this ur new school”

    “Yes, papa” she smiled……..

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