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    It remained only Tochi and Wisdom at the entrance of Mr Anuma’s office. Both remained quiet for sometimes before Wisdom walked closer to her and stared into her eyes then Tochi melted in his presence.

    “Good afternoon, senior” she greeted and moved towards the wall.

    “I told you not to call me that”

    “I’m sorry”

    Wisdom took two steps forward again.

    “Please, stop coming closer” Tochi pleaded.

    “What is it? Are you afraid of me now?”


    Wisdom took another step, he met her very close to the wall and gently took her by the hand. Tochi turned properly and stared into his eyes feeling her heartbeat and emotions stirred up.

    “Don’t be afraid” Wisdom began with a soft voice.“ I will help you achieve that which you so desire, okay?” he expected to receive an answer but Tochi was fully lost and carried away with her feelings and his charming handsomeness.

    “Tochi” Wisdom called before she realised herself.

    “Yes, i heard you” she replied and disengaged her hand from his, breathing heavily.

    “Are you okay?”

    “I’m fine”

    “To day is Friday, i guess i will come to your house during the weekend to have the lesson with you”

    “My house?!”

    “Yes, any problem?”

    “How do you know my house?”

    “I don’t know it, i expect you to show me”

    “That means we will go together again today”

    “Yes, that will be great!” they smiled. But immediately Wisdom remembered that Esther said she wanted to go with him that day…
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    Melody who suppose to go home immediately school closes stood back waiting for a response from Wisdom about the gift she kept in his locker. She was actually looking for him but didn’t see him.

    On the other hand Jennifer and Calista were ready to go but Jennifer wanted to see Wisdom before going. They were just coming out from their classroom when they met Melody at the door.

    “Have you seen Wisdom?” she asked.

    “No, we are looking for him too” Calista responded.

    “You have never looked for Wisdom before, i hope all is well or are you eying him now?” Jennifer asked Melody.

    “Please, do not insult me this afternoon. Anyways, are you people going home?”

    “Yes” Calista replied.

    “Then Let’s go” they walked semutanuoisly with their bags on their backs. They looked matured and neat swinging their butt0ckz to and fro thereby making boys to wonder what could be inbetween their legs through the visible shape of their [email protected]
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    Meanwhile, Chester and Esther stood at their usual position waiting for Wisdom to come back from Mr Anuma’s office.

    They stood like couples with the same body complexion-but Esther was a bit yellowish. Chester glanced at her occasionally and wished to turn to Wisdom and capture the heart of the beautiful damsel standing before him.

    “Chester” Esther interrupted his thought. “You have not told me how you went with our plan”

    “Yes, that’s true”

    “So tell me, what did he say?”

    Chester stared at her looking speechless.

    “Say something nah!” Esther persuaded.

    “Wisdom said he likes you” Chester began. “But he’s hiding something from me”

    “What’s he hiding?”

    “His feelings”

    Esther became speechless and stared at him without smiling.

    Chester continued, “He said that he’s following his heartbeat”

    “Then who is his heartbeat?”

    “I don’t know” Immediately, Esther’s mind went to Tochi…
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    Tochi saw how confused Wisdom was looking and suddenly became quiet, then she gently held his hand which made Wisdom stood still and stared into her eyes.

    Just at that moment, Jennifer, Calista and Melody who were passing saw them in such position. They made their presence unknown and watched them.

    “Are you okay?” Tochi began. “Or don’t you want to go home with me today?”

    “No, just that…” he paused.

    “Oh, now i remember, Esther is waiting for you because both of you agreed to go home together” she disengaged her hand from his. “Is okay, i will go alone. Maybe i will show you our house next time” she began to walk away…
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    Seeing that, Jennifer couldn’t stand it. She wanted to go for a fight or diabolical display but Calista prevented her.

    “Come on, lets go home. Don’t go there, i know what you can do”

    “Oh God! I must teach this girl called Tochi a big lesson!” Jennifer swore. Calista dragged her and they began to go home. Melody remained quiet and was also jealous but didn’t show it.
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    “No, come back!” Wisdom ran and grabbed Tochi’s hand.“ We all will go together” he said.

    “You mean with Esther?”


    Tochi smiled and thought for a while. “Okay, let’s go” she said.

    “But i have to close all the classes first”

    “No problem”

    Wisdom smiled, he released her hand, then they began to walk out semutanuoisly.
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    Esther and Chester were still waiting for Wisdom without saying anything again. She couldn’t stop thinking about Tochi as the girl Wisdom’s heart is beating for. Her gesture came to reality when she saw both of them walking semutanuoisly like husband and wife towards them.

    Then she glanced at Chester in a way that explains: Are you thinking what I’m thinking..?

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