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    Wisdom had everything needed by girls except money. But his future was more than bright which automatically made people believe that he will be rich. None of the girls knew how good he was in bed but from his charming appearance, they concluded that he will be extra good in bed. But that wasn’t what they were after. All were responding to their feelings.

    Melody wasn’t much jealous when she saw Wisdom with Jennifer, then she gently walked into his class and kept the snack in his locker.

    There was no student in the place where Jennifer sat with Wisdom and no one had the right to enter there except bad senior students who want to do something bad. Jennifer practically stood up, she sat on Wisdom’s thighs and placed her hand across his shoulder.

    “What are you doing?” Wisdom asked.

    “I just want to tell you something”

    “But remember we are in the school premises”

    “Nobody comes here”

    “So you are ready to let the cat out of the bag”


    Wisdom stared at her mouth. Of course he knew the meaning of her body movement but took it as part of her character.

    “By now you should know how much i love you” Jennifer began and rubbed her hand on his cheek romantically.

    “Really? thank you” Wisdom get her hand off and stood up. “Listen my dear, i like you as my friend not as a lover”

    “Can’t you see that I’m dying for you?”

    “Jennifer, I’m sorry” he began to walk away.

    “Don’t walk away from me!” Jennifer exclaimed, then Wisdom stopped without looking back.

    “I know that girl has brainwashed you” she added.

    “Which girl are you talking about?” Wisdom turned.


    “Leave Esther out of this! She has done nothing and moreover we aren’t doing anything. So leave her out of this!” he turned to walk out again.

    “Wisdom!” Jennifer called and he stopped again. “If i don’t have you no other girl will, i promise you that!” Jennifer concluded and Wisdom left without saying a word. Immediately the bell rang.
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    All the students entered into their classrooms except Wisdom who resumed the duty of monitoring junior students who still wanted to buy snacks from the canteen. His mood changed after his encounter with Jennifer. Few minutes later he walked into his classroom and his eyes caught with that of Jennifer but didn’t say a word. He sat down and opened his locker just to see a packet of biscuit. He raised his head up and saw Jennifer standing before him.

    “I’m sorry” she said with a low voice. “I shouldn’t have said those things to you but you should understand how i feel”

    Wisdom didn’t say a word but picked up a paper from the locker and read it: IT’S JUST AN APPRECIATION OF BEING A GOOD BOY. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. *MELODY* he folded the paper and smiled.

    “Why are you smiling?” Jennifer asked him.

    “Nothing” he replied.

    “I can see your girlfriend brought you a gift”

    “Which girlfriend? I don’t have one”

    “Thank God”


    “Because i can’t stand and watch another girl take you away from me or i will kill her”

    “Watch your words. You are too mean sometimes”

    “I’m serious oh”

    Suddenly, a teacher entered.
    ===Playloaded Stories===
    Tochi could see Linda very quiet without noticing her presence, then she tapped her on the shoulder.

    “Are we quarreling?” she asked.

    “No, just that I’m beginning to feel uncomfortable around you”


    “Is it not obvious? You are secrecy. You are hiding something from me. Tell me, what’s going on between you and Wisdom?”

    Hearing the name ‘Wisdom’ Tochi’s heartbeat increased, then she exhaled heavily as Linda stared at her.

    “There is nothing going on between us” she responded.

    “It better not be!”

    “Any problem?”

    “Do you know Jennifer?”


    “Do you also know that she has her eyes on Wisdom?”


    “I know her very well. Her mother is regarded as a strong witch, so be careful”

    Tochi became speechless, her heart skipped and returned beating faster than ever.


    Students scattered everywhere, a junior student rushed into the field and kick a ball upwards. Tochi went to Mr Anuma and found him locking his office.

    “Good day Sir”


    “Yes, sir”

    “For what do i owe this unexpected visit?”

    “Sir, i need your help”

    “What sort?”

    “I need someone to be teaching me privately”

    “Really?” he smiled. “I like your zeals. But I’m too occupied. Why can’t you talk to Wisdom? He will be a great help”

    Suddenly, Wisdom appeared with a paper, Tochi turned immediately and their eyes caught. Her heart began to beat faster again.

    “The principal said i should give you this” Wisdom said and handed the paper to Mr Anuma, then he looked at Tochi who removed her face instantly.

    “Okay” Mr Anuma responded and put the paper inside his briefcase. Wisdom glance at Tochi again and left.

    “Caleb!” Mr Anuma called him back. “I want you to help this girl and give her a private lesson”

    “You mean Tochi?”

    “Yes, i can see she wants to win the quiz”

    “Okay” he smiled and looked at Tochi, then Mr Anuma left.


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