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    Students moved up and down the school premises, especially the junior ones who walked with snacks in their hands enjoying their break period. Some greeted Wisdom and Chester as they walked neatly with their hands in their pockets. Chester couldn’t stop thinking about the very last words of Wisdom: I’m only following my heartbeat.

    “Who could be his heartbeat?” he thought. Before he came out from his deep thought, he found himself in the presence of Esther, Tochi and Linda.

    “Good day seniors” Linda greeted and wanted to walk away but Wisdom prevented her.

    “Good day seniors” Tochi also greeted without raising up her head. She could feel her heart beating faster than normal.

    “Good day” Chester replied her.

    Wisdom didn’t say anything but concentrated on Esther who was glowing with smiles all over her face. He held her palm and squeezed it softly.

    “It seems like you have fallen inlove with my hand” Esther joked.

    “Yes, and i will also ask for your HAND in marriage” Wisdom replied and they laughed except Tochi who was becoming jealous. Linda could see it.

    “And my father will happily give you my HAND in marriage” Esther joked again.

    “Then after that, i will just take the other hand in marriage. I will not ask for it, i will just take it by force” Chester added and they laughed again.

    When Wisdom noticed that Tochi wasn’t laughing or saying anything, his eyes went to her and Esther also followed the direction of his eyes to Tochi who’s face was fixed on the book on her thighs.

    “Tochi” Wisdom called before she raised up her head and gave a weak smile. “Are you okay?”

    “Yes I’m fine, thank you” she bent down her head again and Wisdom stared feeling his heart beating for her. Esther was confused on the way he stared at her lustfully and gradually disengaged his hands from her palm. Linda and Chester sensed what was going on, even Esther had the idea but didn’t want to believe it.

    “Wisdom!” she called.

    “Ehn? Did you call me?”

    “What’s going on?”


    “Why are you staring at her like that?”


    Esther remained quiet and waved it off. She didn’t want to ruin the happy moment, then she placed his hands back to her palms.

    “I hope we shall be going home together today” she changed the topic.

    “Of course” Wisdom replied unwillingly.

    “Have you eaten?”

    “Is he a baby?” Chester interfered. “Only babies are asked if they have eaten” he added and they smiled.

    “He’s my own baby, please” Esther defended staring into his lovely eyes.

    “I should be asking you that” Wisdom said. “Let me go and get you snacks”


    Suddenly, a junior student came, he greeted them and they stared at him, even Tochi raised up her head in anticipation on what he had to say.

    “Senior Jennifer said i should call you” the small boy told Wisdom.

    “Jennifer?” Wisdom repeated.


    Esther frowned her face, Tochi glanced at Wisdom and concentrated on her book again.

    All waited for Wisdom to say something but he didn’t.

    “Go and tell her that his coming” Chester broke the silence.

    “Okay” the boy left.

    After few minutes of more jokes Wisdom and Chester left. Then Esther looked at Tochi who’s head was still bending downward.

    “Linda, can you excuse us please” she demanded and Tochi became surprised with her head up.

    “Okay, senior” Linda left.

    “Why did you send her out?” Tochi asked.

    “Because i want us to talk privately”

    “I hope no problem?”

    “I think there is a little problem” Esther wasn’t smiling. “Is there anything going on between you and Wisdom?” she asked.

    “Something like what?”

    “You know what I’m talking about”

    Tochi remained quiet still feeling her heartbeat and emotionally taken over by just discussing about Wisdom. But she didn’t show it, rather she smiled just to cover up.


    “Esther” Esther interrupted.

    “Sorry, Esther, you and i know that i can’t do such a thing to you my friend. Moreover, who can believe that Wisdom of all people could have his eyes on me. I’m not his type, you know. And i have not forgotten that you love him, so why are you asking me this type of question?”

    Her words convinced Esther even more than she expected.

    “I’m sorry my dear for thinking like that” she apologized. “Just that i can’t stand to see him giving attention to another girl just like Jennifer”

    “Don’t worry, he will realise your love for him one day” Tochi gave a weak smiled knowing that she was pretending just to keep the friendship and stay away from troubles.
    ===Playloaded Stories===
    As Linda sat alone in the classroom spacing out through the window so as Wisdom and Jennifer sat at the back of their classroom alone.

    On the other hand, Calista and Chester were inside the classroom creaking jokes.

    Melody, being a girl who doesn’t react much about the little feelings she had for Wisdom was walking from the canteen with a snack for him as an appreciation for the good deed he rendered on her the previous day and also a way of getting close to him. Unfortunately, as she was passing, she saw Wisdom and Jennifer discussing.


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