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    The weather became extremely cold but Tochi didn’t feel it because she was not only fast asleep and covered with jacket but was also sleeping in Wisdom’s arms. She jerked awake occasionally with her eyes closed probably to chest away flying insects. But anytime she tries to do that Wisdom will kill the insect before her. Sometimes their hands will touch together. He was experiencing what he had never thought in his life. He looked at Tochi and remembered the words of Chester: The girl is harmless and beautiful. He could remember the words of Esther too: The girl is good and fun to be with. Wisdom reasoned all these thoughts but didn’t put any of them in mind. He was actually battling with his heart. He could feel it beating for the girl sleeping in his arms. “What is happening?” he thought. “I’m really falling.. No no no, it can’t be true” he concluded and looked at Tochi. The more he looks the more his heart beats.

    The rain lasted for more than forty-five minutes. It totally stopped, yet Tochi was still sleeping.

    “Tochi” Wisdom called and shook her body gently, then she woke and realised where she was.

    “Did i sleep?”

    “Yes you did, stand up lets go”.

    Tochi stood up, unknowingly to her, the upper button of her shirt was opened and her bra was clearing seen by Wisdom.

    “Dress properly” Wisdom told her and bent to pick up their bags, then Tochi buttoned up and smiled staring at him. He was actually not only handsome but kind and responsible. She admired him and wished she could be in the same level with him.

    “Are you ready?” Wisdom handed her bag to her.

    Tochi also gave him his jacket but he rejected it.

    “Just keep it incase you need it”





    “But can i ask you something?”

    “Go ahead”

    “Why are you so nice to me now?”

    Wisdom refused to answer rather he stared at her. “We should be going now, your mother must be worried” he changed the topic and led the way, then Tochi followed him.


    Tochi jerked awake in a hurry and glanced at the wall clock.

    “Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “7:30am?!”

    She rushed to the backyard with a wrapper tied across her chest.

    “Mama, why didn’t you wake me up?!”

    “I wanted you to eat before going to school. As you can see I’m still cooking”

    “I can’t believe this!” she rushed into the bathroom thinking of the type of punishment senior Wisdom will give her. She tried to figure out why she woke up late, then she remembered the romantic dream she had.
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    Meanwhile, assembly was already on and Wisdom became worried for not seeing Tochi. He went to Esther where she was leading the hymn and whispered into her ears, “Have you seen Tochi?”

    Esther shruggled her shoulder. “She’s not yet in school” she added and continued her duty. Since then, she couldn’t concentrat anymore.
    All her thought was why Wisdom of all people asked after Tochi. She wanted to conclude that maybe they have feelings but she gave a weak smile. “Wisdom can’t fall for that girl” she concluded.

    As wisdom walked towards the road where Tochi suppose to come from, he met Chester on the way.

    “Guy, you look restless, what’s the problem?” Chester asked.

    “Nothing” he replied.

    “But you have been walking up and down like a sheep without shepherd”

    “Have you seen Tochi this morning?”

    “Now i know why you are restless!” Chester exclaimed.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Is obvious”

    Wisdom smiled and neglected his suspicions. At that moment, he saw Tochi coming in a hurry. She wore a tight green skirt with a white long sleeve shirt which she tocked-in properly. The sharp of her pant could be seen through the skirt. And on her feet were black shoes with white short stockings, then she stood before a prefect who wanted to flog her.

    “Hey!” Wisdom exclaimed from a distance. “Don’t flogg her, let her in” he added to the hearing of Esther, Jennifer. All became surprised even Chester who was standing right beside him.

    Tochi went to Wisdom and greeted.

    “Thank you for not allowing them flogg me” she added.

    “What took you so long?” Wisdom asked.

    “I woke up late”.

    “Make sure Mr Anuma don’t hear that from you. He hates undisciplined students”

    “I know”

    “Then decipline yourself”

    “I will, I’m sorry once again”

    “I hope you enjoyed your night?” Wisdom changed the topic and Chester stared at him speechless. Even the question reminded Tochi of the dream she had, then she smiled and replied, “Yes, i enjoyed it”.

    “Why are you smiling?”

    “Am i smiling?”


    “Maybe that’s because my night was good”.

    “What made your night good? Did you have a lovely dream?”

    Tochi bent her face down and kept smiling without responding.

    “Come on guy, don’t ask her such question” Chester interfered and told Tochi to go in.

    All these while the conversion was going on, Esther and Jennifer couldn’t get their eyes off them.

    Tochi entered into the assembly ground looking like a senior prefect and everybody stared at her. She was becoming amazingly beautiful day by day…


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