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    Esther is a very emotional girl but physically strong that even Jennifer cannot handle her beating if they are to test their physical abilities. But at this moment, Chester was only seeing the emotions in her eyes that made his heart sank into his stomach. From the way she looked, he thought, if only he could do magic or abracadabra for Wisdom to fall inlove with Esther, he would have done it immediately but he couldn’t, and the whole thing rendered him speechless.

    “Won’t you say anything?” Esther broke the silence.

    “Do you really want me to tell Wisdom that you love him?” Chester wanted to be clarified.

    “No, i want you to use your influence as his best friend and make him understand that i love him indirectly”

    “Oh, now i understand. Don’t worry, i will do that”

    “Thank you” she smiled.
    ===Playloaded Story===
    Wisdom met Tochi at Mr Anuma’s office with her own list too. But she was standing at the door.

    “Good afternoon, senior” Tochi prostrated.

    “Why are you standing outside?”

    “Mr Anuma isn’t in”

    “Where is he?”

    “In principal’s office”

    Wisdom looked around. He knew he couldn’t just keep the list on his table, so he looked at Tochi and stretched the list to her.

    “Hold it, i will be coming back. My friends are waiting for me”

    Tochi gently collected the paper and he rushed out. But he suddenly stopped and turned when he heard Tochi murmured.

    “What did you say?” he asked.

    “I didn’t say anything senior”

    “But you soliloquized”

    “Hey! Senior when did you become Mr Anuma again. I don’t know the meaning of solilo…” she forgot the full pronunciation.

    “I demand to know what you said now!” Wisdom cut out a flower as a cane and began to tie the branches together. Seeing that Tochi confessed.

    “Senior, i said you want to go and meet your friends, that means me, standing here is your enemy”

    Wisdom stared at her, the more he looked the more her beauty enters into his eyes, mind and body. He threw away the cane and said, “Kneel down”.


    “I said kneel down!”

    Tochi gradually went on her kneels and raised up her hands, then Wisdom left.
    ===This is Playloaded===
    Just as Wisdom was walking back to Esther and Chester, Jennifer and Calista met him. Esther could see them from afar.

    “I want to wait for you to close the classrooms today” Jennifer told Wisdom with her hands on his shoulder.

    “Why?” he asked.

    “So that i will be able to let the cat out of the bag”



    “Is unfortunate that i have other things to do after closing the classrooms. We shall talk tomorrow” he disengaged her hands from his shoulder.

    “Okay, see you tomorrow then”

    They departed.
    ===Playloaded Empire===
    Esther exhaled deeply when Wisdom finally came leaving the annoying Jennifer as she thought. She smiled at him again.

    “You always smile for no reason and i like that” Wisdom told her.

    “I don’t know how to control it and thank God you like it” they giggled.

    “Mr Anuma isn’t in his office, so i think you can go instead of waiting for me”

    “No, Esther will go while i wait for you today” Chester said and gave Esther an eye contact which shows that he wanted to carryout their plans.

    “Yes, is true” Esther supported. “Bye!” she added and left.
    ===Playloaded Love Stories===
    Only few students remained and it was only remaining a classroom 2 be closed by Wisdom, then he said, “Guy, the girl isn’t bad oh”



    “I told you! So you are now admiring her”

    “No, bro”

    “That’s good, you should go for the person that loves you”

    “Like who?” Wisdom looked at him.

    “Like Esther, i think she loves you”

    Wisdom remained quiet looking at him. “Esther is quite good but i don’t have any feelings for her. How did you even know she loves me?”

    “Because she always talks about you every minute”

    “Don’t worry, guy, we are just friends”

    “Think about it oh, guy” Chester shook hands with him and left.
    ===We are Playloaded===
    Mr Anuma arrived at his office and saw Tochi kneeling down.

    “Desmond” he called. “Why are you on your kneels?”

    “Senior Wisdom told me to do so”


    Before Tochi answered, Wisdom appeared, then Mr Anuma turned to him.

    “Caleb” he called. “What can warrant a juvenile like you who should juxtapose with elegant students like Tochi to put her in such nefarious condition?”

    Tochi began to smile when the grammar scattered her head. Even Wisdom also smiled, so he had no option but to explain what happened.

    “Sir, she soliloquized after i gave her an instruction”

    “She did?”

    “Yes, sir”

    “You should have pardoned her. Sometimes your punishment should be justifiable”

    “Okay, sir” Wisdom answered smiling even though he didn’t know the meaning of justifiable. “You can stand up, Tochi” he added, then collected the list from her and handed it to Mr Anuma.
    ===Na Playloaded Be This===
    Only Tochi and Wisdom remained in the school. As they left the office quietly, Wisdom asked, “Which road are you taking?”

    “That road” Tochi pointed at it.

    “Then we can go together. That’s the same road i want to follow”

    “You mean two of us?”

    “Yes, any p?”

    “No oh, no p”

    They stared at each other.

    “Wait let me get my bag” Wisdom said and left.


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