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    “Are you a Christian?”

    “yes.. why did you ask?”

    “I don’t just mean being Christian…like a religious one. Are you born again?”

    “wow.. yes.. I am. Why?”

    “what about your husband?”

    “Yes. I’ve known Chris for over seven years. He’s a child of God.

    He’s the choirmaster in our church”.

    “Then you must have read 2 Peters 1; 4-9″

    “Well….yeah…the verse that talks about Christian virtues of patience, knowledge and all.. but why?”

    “I’ll read it again ma’am. I want to show you something”.

    He brought out his phone and opened a bible app and searched while Lauren looked at him amusingly, momentarily forgetting her troubles.

    He finished and looked up at her.

    “I may not be married or know so much about the problems that people face in their marriages, but I know that when people apply these verses of scripture to their lives, they’d see results.

    What you and your husband needed to do was apply scriptural injunctions in these verses, then back it up with communication. You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches”.

    Lauren shook her head reflectively.

    “Thanks” she said.

    “When all this is over… sit down with him and talk about it. Maybe, just maybe you are wrong in your assumptions about what’s going on. Only effective communication can reveal that” He added.

    “But what if…what if he was really cheating on me? what am I to do then?”

    “God will help your heart to understand what you need to do”.

    Lauren signed deeply and looked outside. What a day it had been.

    It was getting dark now. What was she to do?

    People were beginning to leave the building as they heard that the crisis had abated. There was relative calm now outside.

    “Would you help me find my husband?” she asked the driver, who she had now developed respect for.

    “Of course. Let’s go”.

    But just as they turned to leave the building, there was Chris!

    He looked tired and totally worn out and his white kaftan was smudged with blood stain and dirt.

    Lauren ran into his arms in a tight embrace. Then she saw Natalia standing by the door. She pulled out of Chris’s embrace and stepped behind him.

    “What do you want with my husband? Who are you?” Lauren shouted desperately.

    The girl seem surprised. She stared wide eyed at Lauren. Chris stepped in between them.

    “What are you talking about babe..”

    “Who’s Natalia, Chris.. who’s she to you?”

    “Natalia is my cousin sister babe..we are working on a project together..“

    “Your cousin sister? How come I never knew her? How come she tells me you never mentioned me to her.. she said she never knew you’re married. How about that Chris?”

    “Well..she just returned from the state not quite long..she was just kidding around..trying to pull your legs or something”.

    Lauren started to soften. Chris did not look or act as though he was lying. She still knew her man.

    “But how come you never told me about her? I thought..I thought”

    “You thought what?” both Chris and Natalie chorused.

    “I thought you both were having an affair”

    Chris rubbed his temples the way Lauren see him do when he was having a hard time…

    “why would you ever think I’ll cheat on you?” he asked.

    “Well it wasn’t my fault.. I tried to get you to talk to me about what was going on but you were never ready. I was confused and broken.

    Your conversations with her, the attention you were giving her.. well I decided to follow you today because I over heard your phone conversation with her yesterday. You said you were meeting with her”.

    “You were following me?..” then he held her hands and touched them to his chest and said;

    “I love you too much to ever hurt you Lauren. You’re my wife, my life.

    I’m sorry for keeping things away from you. I promise to make out time for us to talk as often as possible” then he drew her into his embrace.

    “Awwnnn” Natalia whispered from behind.

    The uber driver who all the while stood watching them with a smile coughed slightly and said they needed to leave the building because it was getting late.

    They started to leave the building, Lauren and Chris leading the way with their hands in each others’ while the uber driver, a tall and muscularly built man and Natalia started to make small talk behind.
    ==This is a Playloaded Story by Mary Adole==
    Lauren opened the door to her apartment and was greeted by shouts of “Happy birthday”.

    She stared blankly at strange and familiar faces. There were balloons everywhere and she could almost swear it wasn’t her apartment.

    She looked back at her husband and there he was grining at her, Natalia also.

    She needed no one to tell her then that this was the project they had been working on.

    It all made sense now. She might not have seen Natalia before, might not have known she was Chris’ cousin, but she certainly knew that the girl was innocent of all she had thought, and she certainly knew that she was Chris’ wife.

    She went to her and said “thank you Natalia”.

    Natalia extended her hand and said “friends?”


    The End!!!

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