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    Lauren sat still as people thronged out of the hall at the end of service.

    She usually does this so she wouldn’t have to struggle through the crowd of people pushing through the narrow exits.

    She would wait until the hall thinned of people and sometimes she would wait around inside the hall for Chris or stroll to the choir stand to exchange a few words with him.

    Today she sat still, her eyes roving the hall, her thoughts wandering here and there until they settled on the events of the morning – fragment by fragment.

    “Lord help me” she muttered.

    She stood up and strolled to the front of the aisle where she sat as the hall started to become empty of people.

    Usually, Chris would be addressing the choir at the end of service, but today he wasn’t there and just a few of the choir members were still on their seat.

    Most had pulled off their robes, leaving a blend of colorful attires.

    She wanted to speak with someone but she wasn’t sure how to approach them.

    She wasn’t really friends with anyone in church yet – she barely spoke with anyone, and only few knew her as the choir master’s wife.

    A lady started to come out of the stand with her robe nested under the crook of her arm. She was tall and thinly and wore a fringe.

    Lauren thought she looked like a runway model.

    She approached her and said “ name is Lauren. Please have you seen Chris?”

    The lady smiled brightly and replied “oh hey Lauren..” then she turned back to the choir stand and looked around as if searching for Chris. Then she turned back to Lauren and said;

    “No.. I haven’t seen him around. I think he should be somewhere around”.

    “I love your earrings” the lady complimented, still smiling. Lauren smiled back bashfully. “Oh. Thanks”

    “Are you a friend of Chris’. We could look for him together” she offered.

    “’m his wife” she said with a thing of pride in her voice.

    The lady gave her a “are you for real look” and said;

    “He never mentioned you to me”

    “Oh..” Lauren said, unsure of what to say. Then she decided;

    “What’s your name?” she asked her.

    “I am Natalia”.

    Lauren’s heart skipped a beat.

    What was she to do or say?

    Somehow she wasn’t ready to face this. She wasn’t ready for this conversation. What if she probed further and found out something really bad?

    “Okay Natalia. Its nice meeting you. “ she said still smiling and started to walk away.

    She decided she would go to the media department to see them and ask them if she could join them.

    Their stand was somewhere up in the gallery.

    She took the stairs and walked gingerly up, her heels squeaking beneath her.

    She approached a guy at the entrance with a smile and told him what she wanted.

    Thankfully, he was kind and took her inside to see the media head, who as it turned out was Chris’ friend who knew her.

    They fell into conversation and at the end, he said she could start coming and briefed her on all she needed to do, and when to come to church. She thanked him and left.

    When she got back into the hall, it was almost empty except for few people who were either at the altar praying or speaking to other people.

    Where on earth is Chris?

    She opened her bag and decided to call him.

    But just as she was about to start dialing, she saw them!

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