‘“The Choirmaster’s Wife” – Interesting Story! (Completed)’

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    “Your presence is heaven to me…
    Your presence is heaven to me…

    Lauren sang along to the worship song playing on the car stereo as her husband drove them through the free highway of the Gwarinpa expressway on their way to church on a bright Sunday morning.

    “Oh Jesus..oh Jesus
    Your presence is heaven to me
    Oh Jesus”

    She sang soulfully, and this time, her husband joined her, adding the melody of his tenor part.

    She felt light with joy, lifting up her hands as the song sank into her spirit.

    The song came to an end, leaving them full of joy and chattering happily

    “you sing so well wifey,”

    Chris said, his eyes still fixed on the road……Continue Reading → or Start Reading From Here / See More Episodes Below:-

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