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    Segun appeared and mama G smiled.

    Mama G: now you do as i say. You don’t have any other choice. Your soul is bounded to me and i shall use you for sacrifice.

    Mama G: hahahahaha

    All: hahahaha

    Mama G: lie down here.

    Segun obeyed and lay down. She started caressing his d–k and before seconds, she stripped him naked.

    Slowly, her legs that were in the form of snake started changing back to her normal leg.

    She was standing naked and she climbed segun seductively. Then she used her hand and guide his d–k into her p—y.

    Mama G: umm ahhh ummm

    she moaned as she started bouncing her big butt up and down his long d–k.

    As she was doing this, segun opened his mouth and Mrs Bukky was very surprised at the next thing she saw.

    Money, real money in dollars, cedis, pounds, euros and naira were popping out of his mouth like popcorn that is at its last stage of preparation.

    Mama G: ah um oh yes baby, i am going to miss u after this ah um oh..

    She moaned as she kept f—–g him.

    All: hahaha

    All: hahaha

    money kept coming out of his mouth until the whole room was filled with money.

    Mama G: ohhhhhhh yessss baby ummm she moaned as she c—-x heavily.

    Just then, she stood up and her legs change back to the snake form as it was before.

    Segun’s spirit immediately vanished and that was the end of his life.

    Queen: bring forth his blood.

    Mama G: yes queen mother

    she said and brought out a calabash filled with segun’s blood.

    Queen: come forth.

    She said and Mrs bukky came forth.

    Queen: now, drink this and before you drink this, you shall tie a soul with you. I believe there is a young boy f—–g you. Your soul shall be bounded to him but you can kill him anytime you want.

    Mrs Bukky: *collecting the calabash* Idris, idris, i here by bound my soul with yours.

    She said and drank the blood. Just then, the goddess of all the snakes appeared and disappeared with Mrs bukky.

    Queen: hmm, she has been choosen by the goddess. She shall be with the goddess for three weeks and when she return, she will be powerful. Very powerful.

    Queen: mama T

    mama T: yes ma..

    Queen: now that she is gone, you shall be in charge of everything she does in her life including work and the rest. Don’t let anyone see her body in her room. Look after her work, children and make sure the husband stay away from home for three weeks.

    Mama T: *with a smile* yes queen mother.

    Queen: great ladies of the jungle.

    All: we rule this world.

    I was sleeping when i felt something heavy landed on my chest. My whole body shook and sweat started covering my body. Goose bumps was all over my skin and my head was getting bigger and bigger.

    Me: ahhhhhhhhhh

    I shouted as i fell from the bed making anita to jump up looking so frightened



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