‘“Snake Ladies” Season 1 – An Enchanting Story! (Completed)’

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    Me: Anita, i know we are poor but please, you don’t have to sleep around with men to get money. Let us sit down and figure out a way. I am sure that we will come up with something plss..

    Anita: Idris my love, you have to understand things please. Look, we don’t have anything doing. The landlord will soon chase us away if we don’t give him anything soon. We can’t even eat properly and yet, we are owing alot of women credit here. I know what i am doing is not good right now but it is the only means for us to survive..

    My dear anita said as she was putting on a bum short with spaghetti top. Her ass was fighting with the tight bumshort and the tip of her nipples were showing through the light spaghetti shirt she had on……Continue Reading → or Start Reading From Here / See More Episodes Below:-

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