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    I was introduced to Emma by a lady called Vera.. We live in same street and she told me there’s a friend of hers that want to settle down, she’s sure the young man will like me.. She told me the young man is Emma by name.

    Emma and Vera are good friends but I don’t think they were interested in dating each other and for that, Vera introduced me to Emma.

    Emma is in his late 30s, he deals on all kinds of electronics and doing well as a young man.. We started talking on phone and before you know it, we fell in love with each other and started dating.

    He told me he doesn’t want us to date for too long, at least six months of dating and we proceed to tying the knot. I was happy because anything more than one year of dating, I seriously hate it.

    Vera was happy for us, she was also in a relationship, planning to get married.

    Emma and Vera are very close to the extent that she comes to Emma’s shop and his house everytime..

    I wasn’t comfortable with that because even when I go to his place to spend weekend, Vera would come on Sunday after service and will go straight to the kitchen to dish food by herself..

    I saw this as a disrespect, I’m around and if you are hungry, talk to me to dish food for you.. I know it’s your friend that gave me money to cook but as a woman in the house now give me some respect after all I’m now his girlfriend, I murmured.

    I complained to my boyfriend about Vera’s attitude and he told me that she’s used to it that even when he was the one cooking and alone, that’s how she comes around to dish food by herself..

    I wanted my boyfriend to confront Vera but from his actions and words, he doesn’t see anything bad there and I need to get used to it..

    I asked him, so if we get married, this is how she will be coming to my kitchen and dish food by herself? without even acknowledging the cook, is she the one giving you money for food? why so much disrespect?

    He told me there’s nothing like disrespect there, I should get used to it..

    This is one thing about recommendations, the person that recommended or connected both of you would always act like deputy Jesus..

    Emma is a very nice guy, he can spend his last card on you, he loves buying me gifts, especially shoes and clothes.. My only struggle was the way he gave soft hand to Vera and he’s not seeing anything bad there..

    It was a public holiday, I decided to go to his shop and help him out in selling goods.. He gave me the book that contains prices of the goods and anyone I find confusing, I can call him on phone. He showed me where he keeps money and where he writes down anything he sells, he just want to go relax at home and come back in the evening..

    After about 30 minutes, Vera came in and asked about my boyfriend, I told her he has gone home to rest and will be back in the evening..

    She said okay but she needs 6k from him, there’s an emergency and that’s why she’s here to collect 6k from him.. I told her, “well I don’t have that kind of money with me here, please call him and tell him”

    She called my boyfriend and it was on loudspeaker, he told her to tell me to check the place he showed me money, I should give her 6k from there..

    I checked there and counted 6k, handed it to her and she left..

    I was confused and angry at this stage.. I called my boyfriend and asked him, who is Vera to you? is she your boss? I don’t understand all these, she acts like your boss or wife.. He laughed and said Nne, that lady is just my friend, I didn’t give her that money freely, she will pay back later, so don’t bother yourself..
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    Emma took me to see some of his family members living far from him, he introduced me to them as his wife to be and they all welcomed me so well but one thing I wasn’t happy about was I saw Vera there again!!!

    My boyfriend said he invited her too so that his family members can see the lady who connected him to a pretty lady like me, that it won’t be good he didn’t do so..

    I was really wondering at this time if this Vera is in any relationship, how comes she acts like a free bird? besides, I have never even seen her with any man, she’s always coming around to disturb my boyfriend and I..

    To be continued after some comments.

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    Hmmm, vera



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