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    Mr Abraham: My Wife is waiting for you upstairs. She is very ho**y and waiting for you to come upstairs and start pleasuring her.

    Me: Are you sure?

    Mr Abraham: Oh Yes! Pretty sure. As a matter of fact, I and my Wife are in open marriage and therefore we are allowed to bang other people.

    I was a bit sceptical about having an affair with him but he finally convinced me to go ahead with it.

    When i got to their bedroom, Mrs Abraham was completely n*ked. Her legs were spread wide and was touching herself as she watched a po*n movie that was playing on the TV.

    Me: Aunty Agnes!!! I Screamed… with my mouth agape.

    Mrs Abraham was shocked when she heard me shouting her name “Aunty Agnes”… Hmmm…
    ==Playloaded Adult StOries==
    Here’s the deal.. Aunty Agnes (Mrs Abraham) happened to be one time one of our Housemaids at the time. She was in her early 30s, single and love to take life as it comes. She was blessed with catchy eyes, shapely lips, huge boobs and ass (You understand that kind of features that make her quite noticeable to others). But adding to that is a daring slut in her that sometimes lifts her head from slumber and takes her for a ride!

    This incident happened one blessed day, while i was preparing to hang out with some friends. It took me about ten minutes to get ready, I grabbed my purse, ready to hit the streets. As I was heading for the door I heard a sound coming from the next room. The room was one of those rooms occupied by the Housemaids in the building. We have 2 Housemaids at the time, Aunt Agnes and Nkiru. All of a sudden, I heard someone, the sound of someone moaning. It was not a moan of pain, but of passion.

    Me: Is this a dream or something? I said to myself

    The sound was uncontrollable. Sharply, I found myself moving over to the door to listen better. I put my ear near the door and listened to what was definitely the sound of a woman enjoying sex. I listened for a minute or two and began to move away feeling somewhat guilty for intruding on their private moment. I thought a maid was with her boyfriend or something.

    It was then that I noticed there was a crack between the door and the frame. Well I had come this far. I put my eye to the crack. As luck would have it I was looking directly at the bed in the next room.

    Spread out on the bed was a Lady, Nkiru. Nkiru had brown hair and a tanned complexion with contrasting tan lines. Her left hand was pulling at her br**sts, while her right hand dipped into her c**kie. Her head was thrown back and her pelvis thrust back and forth as she finger banged herself.

    Nkiru: hmmm… oohh yeaaahh! Ohhh yeaaah! Ohhhhhhhh yyyyeeeeeaaaahhhh! She was moaning while touching her main button.

    I felt I should go but something held me there. She just looked so sexy her one hand pulling at her nipples, then rubbing her palms across them. Her nipples were light colored, almost pink and looked engorged from her play. Her right hand thrusting into her c**kie, which was glistening wet with her juices. She would then run up over her clit rubbing it in circles for a few moments before plunging her fingers back inside.

    Me: Oh God, it turning me on. I just love this. i said to myself

    I also knew that I was going to have to cum too; I had that itch that needed to be scratched. I hid behind the door as i knew no one was at home at the time.

    Me: Is this what Nkiru does whenever no one is at home? choi

    I slipped my hand under my dress and into my panties. I started to rub my own slit that was already very wet from watching her. I continued to rub myself as I watched her start to ram her fingers in harder. I could tell she was close to cumming. Nkiru gave the loudest scream.

    Nkiru: Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeaaaa yeees yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!! She suddenly kept mute.

    As she came I came too, rubbing my hard little button back and forth. It is not uncommon for me to cum 30 or 40 times in a session of love making. I guess I am just one of the lucky ones (please don’t judge me). It does not take much to set me off and this was more than enough.

    I figured that would be it, but I continued to watch her, slowly rubbing myself in the after glow. She rolled over for a moment and then back, holding a purse. She reached in and pulled out a vibrator.

    Me: What???? Is that a JT or what?

    That was the first time i discovered about vibrator. It was pink and shaped like a penis. I guess she got it from one of the adults store in Ikeja. She turned the black knob on the end, starting it up. She slid it over her nipples for a few moments before moving it down to easily slip into her dripping c**kie. This girl was just getting started. Nkiru can fire abeg. I mean she can bang without any sign of tiredness. She’s but a GoddessXXX. Infact, Our maids contributed to my unfortunates too.

    Well if she could have another orgasm so could I. I slipped my panties off to give better access for my fingers. I started to rub my nub and finger f*ck myself again all the time watching her f*ck herself with the vibrator.

    All of a sudden, I froze……..

    “That must be quite a show,” came a female voice from behind.

    Dropping my hand from my crotch I turn to face the person behind me. Lo and Behold, Guess who?

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