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    Me: No I insist. Please come in and relax

    Kabiru: Ok if you insist.

    Kabiru put down the pair of garden shears that he was holding and started walking to the Dining table.

    Kabiru: Thanks a lot ma’am. He said as I pulled out a chair for him to sit down. “You are so kind”.

    I couldn’t keep my eyes off Kabiru as we ate lunch. He did notice how much I was staring at him, which made him feel a little bit uncomfortable.

    Kabiru: Are you ok ma’am? Kabiru asked after he took a sip of orange juice.

    Me: Yes I am! Why did you ask?

    Kabiru: I don’t think I feel comfortable with the pattern you keep staring at me.

    Me: Ohhh really? Anyways, never mind. How did you know by the way?

    I wanted to offer him some of the wine that I had cooled in the fridge but he objected. He said that it was too early for him to start drinking alcohol. He never drank on a job

    Kabiru: I noticed you’ve been staring at me since we sat down to have lunch” Kabiru said before taking another spoonful of the food I had just prepared.

    Me: Ok, let me be plain. I have been watching you for a while Kabiru”. I said as I put down my spoon and stood up from my chair. “Hmmm.. can I say something to you”?

    Kabiru: Yes please, go ahead. He encouraged

    Me: I am very attracted to you and I want to make love to you”

    Kabiru was visibly surprised by my words. He stopped eating and looked at me as I walked closer to him.

    Kabiru: You do know that I am married right?” Hell No. I won’t do that. I’m sorry to decline your offer. He said.

    Me: That does not bother me. I replied as I placed my hand on his chest. “Most of the men that I have banged in the past were either married or attached”. I love men who are taken. Especially those who are married”.

    I raised my right leg and then sat on Kabiru’s thighs. I could feel his c*ck on my groin. It was already hard. I moved my lips closer to his. I got absolutely no resistance from him as I basically shove my tongue down his throat. A few seconds later, we were dry humping on the sofa. We were still both fully clothed.. but not for much longer.

    Kabiru pulled up my white blouse and then he pulled up my bra. My size 36 DD br*asts fell out of my bra and he immediately grabbed both of my tits and tried s*cking both at the same time.

    After Kabiru had s*cked my titties for a while, he raised my skirt and inserted a few of his fingers into my c**kie. It felt so gooood. He fingered me until my c**kie got extremely wet. I couldn’t wait any longer. I was desperate to have his JT in my c**kie.

    I took out his JT and immediately shoved it into my c**kie. The f*cking lasted for a couple of minutes before Kabiru exploded inside me. I had finally succeeded in having another married man’s c*ck up inside me.

    After we both had orgasms, we looked at each other and smiled.

    Kabiru: I feel guilty for cheating on my wife. He said

    Me: Never mind that. I said as I stood up and his JT slid slowly out of my c**kie. … “Do you want to follow me to my bedroom upstairs so that we could make love again” I asked.

    Kabiru looked at me for a moment and said:

    Kabiru: Why not! Let’s f*ck!
    ==This is a Playloaded Adult StOry==
    I got tired of sleeping with Kabiru since no new style was forth coming anymore. I decided to try another method of meeting new f*ck buddie – online Search. An online website is where you can meet and mingle. Fortunately for me, one day I was so ho**y and searching the internet for a f*ck buddie. I saw special request from a couple seeking a threesome arrangement. I applied and lo and behold, they happened to be my Neighbor living next door.

    The Couple living next to me are in their late 40s. Mr Abraham was already naked when he opened the door of his home. I had come over to have a threesome with him and his wife.

    Me: Good evening Mr Abraham. I said when he opened the door.

    Mr Abraham: Good evening Ekaette and thanks for coming. He said and then he asked me to come in. I couldn’t help but notice the size of his balls. They were quite huge! His c*ck was still flaccid at that point.

    Me: I can see that you are ready to bang” I said, smiling.

    Mr Abraham: Yes I am but not sure of my madam though. He responded. Meanwhile, Mrs Abraham is waiting upstairs to meet you first if she might like you or not. I hope she likes you.

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