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    One day, Dad and Mom traveled to the village. I thought I was home alone. I felt my Step brother either went grocery shopping or was at his friend’s house, I was super turned on, so I started playing with myself in the shower a bit and wanted to continue in my bed. I was laying stark naked with no clothes on and started touching myself. I was getting pretty into it, being a bit louder than usual because I thought I was home alone when I suddenly looked over and see my Step brother watching me through the crack at my bedroom door. What an Embarrassment!

    Ekaette: What the f**ck are you doing John?

    John: Errrrmmm… sorry, I forgot my pencil, I mean Eraser, sorry I mean Spoon. Did you by any chance see it? He summoned courage by asking

    Menh… but to be frank, I was horny as hell. And I couldn’t stop thinking about how embarrassing it is that my brother saw me masturbating. But I was still turned on by it. I was now fantasizing about putting myself in a position to where he would find me doing it again. And maybe this time initiating something with him.

    The Story of my Life, My Confession as a Nymph is a compilation of episodes packed with autobiographical anecdotes. I remember when I was really young, 14, I feel very inappropriate about what happened between me and John before he stopped sleeping with me. I really got into looking at the porn he was watching.

    John: Hey! What are you doing in my room? Leave now before I have these eyes opened. He threatened.

    Me: What are you doing John? Trust me, I’m gonna tell it to our parents.

    He left it alone after i fired back. I would then watch it and purposely let him catch me fingering myself.

    One day, John and I were home alone while dad went duck hunting. I was really horny and felt that this was the time, at 14 I was going to lose my virginity. I left my door ajar and knelt near the edge of my bed with my face down, and hand between my legs, my cookie and ass was in direct view of the door. I moaned knowing he could hear me across the hall where he shared a room with the parents.

    Me: Ohhhhh yeeaaahhh! I love it …. Haaaaaaaa yyeeaaaahhh! That was an uncontrollably sound that i couldn’t help out

    When I heard him move I got really wet with anticipation. I knew he was quietly watching, blood was rushing to his JT while he tried to rub himself in silence. And then I shouted,

    Me: John… please helpppppp me.”

    John shocked as he heard me shouting his name. He was scared and unsure, but I told him to come, shouted his name again… “help me Johnnnn”.

    He knelt behind me and took me with his mouth and fingers and with a flip I was on my back and he was fully inside me, riding me, bringing me to ecstasy. He came inside of me and we laid there and then he started to panic. I reassured him that I had the birth control implant since our dad arranged for me to go with a friend as he knew I would probably lose my virginity early.

    John and I made love so many times that week that I lost count. He would talk about guilt almost every time, but I showed him all the incest sites I could find and let him know that this is something I really wanted. After visiting so many sites, he started to get turned on by all those who were into the taboo. He became comfortable and shame free.

    One day I asked John if I could talk to him about anything and that he would love and support me. He said yes. I then told him,

    Me: “I think I’m a nymph.”

    He was silent. One day, I asked him to look at me as I stood up. I told him I was a nudist deep in my heart and that the human body is beautiful,

    Me: “Can I just be myself?”

    John: Yes, he said.

    I took off my shirt. I asked,

    Me: “Am I beautiful?”

    John: Yes! He whimpered,

    Me: Are my breasts too small? I asked further

    John: No, he managed to say.. “but they’ll grow.”

    I took off my bottoms and I think he stopped breathing.

    John: Not again Ekaette. We are Siblings

    Me: You know, some taboos are illogical. I can’t get pregnant with this implant. Besides we are not real Siblings but steps. I got real close to him to show him and whispered Step-Sibling love is quiet common, but rarely talked about.

    Me: In countries like Japan it is pretty common to keep it in the family until you move out or get married.

    John: “Really?”

    And with that, I put his hand between my legs, followed by guiding his cock within me. He trembled like a young white Arabian stallion, fearful and delighted all at once. He pulled out, streams of cum linked between him and me still spilling out of him.

    I was ready for real action, dragged him to his bedroom. I crawled across his bed and moved over him, straddled his thighs with mine and sunk his large thick slightly black JT deep within my pink folds. I rode him absolving him from any initiation. This was my choice! I rode him thinking of all those times I was pressed to satisfy my feelings. I rode him with downward thrusts filling me, and in back and forth grinds. He could pretend no longer, his hands grip my waist and began to guide me and bounce me as he thrusted up repeatedly with increasing rapidity. His eyes staring into mine and with his body glistening with beads of sweat. Suddenly he expertly maneuvered one of my legs under one of his and had me in a jack-knife type position bringing me to even greater pounding and ecstasy. We both are now partially sitting and supporting ourselves with our feet and thighs and knees, we are kissing and thrusting. Never had I been so passionately being made love to or so deeply fucked.

    In Unison, we reached orgasm with primal grunts, gasps, and shivers. We just stayed connected our breathing and kissing passionate, slowly recovering from the intensity. Finally, we collapse, our thighs separating and his juices spilling from inside me. There I lay in his arms, happy, guilt free, and feeling complete.
    ==Playloaded Adult StOry==
    My Alarm clock rang at 5:30am. I had so much sex with John the previous night. I did not feel like waking up. I stretched out my hand and put off the alarm. I wasn’t sure, couldn’t recollect how I got back to my room after the great night with John.

    Me: “I will sleep for just fifteen more minutes”, I said to myself.

    By the time I opened my eyes again, It was nearly 7:30am

    Me: “Oh gosh!” I exclaimed. I will be late for work today

    I work for one of the leading Bank Companies in Lagos at the HR Department. If I did not get out of bed and into the shower, then I risked being late for work. I jumped out of bed and brushed my teeth. That took about 15 minutes. While I was having a shower, I decided to perform my morning ritual – masturbation. Nothing was going to stop me from doing that even though I risked being late. A good orgasm first thing in the morning meant a good start of the day for me.

    I increased the power of the shower and brought the showerhead closer to my clit. A combination of the pressure of the water against my clit and massaging by my fingers quickly brought me to a very nice orgasm. Once I had gotten that out of the way, I finished having my shower and left for my daily work.

    Me: Morning Boss! I said as I stepped into the office.

    Richard: You are late again Ms Ekaette, my Boss said I as walked away to take my usual seat at the cubicle.

    Me: I’m so sorry Sir, I will do my best not to be late again.

    Richard: Can you please see me in my office now…….

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