‘“Ekaette’s Confession” – A Revealing Story! (Updating)’

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    One day, Dad and Mom traveled to the village. I thought I was home alone. I felt my Step brother either went grocery shopping or was at his friend’s house, I was super turned on, so I started playing with myself in the shower a bit and wanted to continue in my bed. I was laying stark naked with no clothes on and started touching myself. I was getting pretty into it, being a bit louder than usual because I thought I was home alone when I suddenly looked over and see my Step brother watching me through the crack at my bedroom door. What an Embarrassment!

    Ekaette: What the f**ck are you doing John?

    John: Errrrmmm… sorry, I forgot my pencil, I mean Eraser, sorry I mean Spoon. Did you…….Continue Reading → or Start Reading From Here / See More Episodes Below:-

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