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    “I already have mapped out my plans, first i will call the press and some popular bloggers i know, give them the story i prepared about you with the caption, “BANKER COOLING OFF IN POLICE CELL AFTER TRYING TO KILL GIRLFRIEND”, OR “BANKER TRIES TO KILL AN INNOCENT EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL IN HIS APARTMENT” or better still, “BANKER TRIES TO KILL BABY MAMA FOR ANOTHER” he tilted his head sideways and poured out evily, while i gasped.

    “What do you think will become of your job after such news is made public, or what do you think the state prosecutor will do after learning of such case?” He asked with a mischievous smile. The look on Emmanuel’s face was terrible, it was very obvious he was extremely scared. He looked like someone who just saw a ghost.

    “I have evidence, plus pictures of my sister’s battered face and doctor’s report” he continued.

    “Please what is it you want?” Emmanuel nervously asked, interrupting him. The young police officer simply licked his lips and smiled.

    “Hmmmm what do i want?” Stella’s brother repeated and scoffed.

    “You used my sister, got her pregnant, made her unmarriageable, abandoned and broke her heart, I kept quiet and never for a day challenged you.” “When my parents managed to fetch you for talks, you showed up, claimed responsibility and disappeared like a ghost, i still never bothered you”, “I took care of my sister without complaining, but i guess because of our soft nature and the way we handled everything, you thought you could do as you like, thereby further insulting my family by inviting the innocent girl to your house, so as to beat her up and snatch her baby” he poured out calmly, while Emmanuel nervously watched him like a rat watching a friendly cat.

    “What do you expect me to ask for eeh?” he asked Emmanuel, who simply shrugged silently.

    “I can’t force you to marry my sister, neither can i allow you to walk away from your responsibility over her and the little girl” he added seriously…Playloaded Stories.

    “But this isn’t a case settled in the police station, can’t we do it elsewhere, like in your house or village?” Emmanuel asked pleadingly,

    “Oh yes, but i don’t trust you, moreover my sister is the person pressing charges and i fear you might spend more time here with us” he replied with an evil smile.

    “Oh goodness me! i beg of you, don’t do this to me, i can’t afford to skip work even for a day, please” Emmanuel begged nervously, while i nodded in support.

    “Alright, but there is still one more thing you have to do, if i’m to allow you guys to leave” the young officer added and licked his lips.

    “You have to sign some papers, it’s just like an undertaking which you have to accept, before i let you have your freedom” he added as he brought out two envelopes, which he placed before Emmanuel.

    “All you have to do is just to sign both of them, you go with one copy, i keep the second copy for myself” he explained as Emmanuel went through the papers.

    “You don’t expect me to sign this crap do you?” i soon heard Emmanuel ask with a raised tone.

    “How do you expect me to suspend my upcoming wedding, till i settle issues with your sister?” he asked angrily.

    “Oooh so the wedding rumors are true??,” “yes sir, my request is very reasonable, because that’s what any sane man will do. For the sake of my family’s pride and for the sake of tradition, you have every reason to sit down and settle with us, before rushing into another marriage, moreover which church will wed you when you are yet to resolve your problems eeh?, my friend you better sign the two papers, because it’s that or nothing” the young officer sprang up and barked loudly, hitting the table with his fist. My heart skipped a hundred times over.

    It just looked as if someone was blowing an air of misfortune towards my happiness…………

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