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    I finally kept away my fears and prepared soup and stew for him. Emmanuel however stayed with me in the kitchen, cracking silly jokes as i cooked.

    At exactly 6pm, after i was done cooking and resting, i rose up to leave,

    “I have to start going” I said to a surprised Emmanuel, who quickly drew close and held me.

    “Why the rush? I thought you are spending the night here? Tomorrow is still sunday” he murmured pleadingly,

    “I know but i just don’t want to spend the night here” i replied with a frown. But before he could insist, someone knocked on his door.

    “Who could it be?” he asked. I scoffed and rolled my eyes,

    “Who are you asking eeh?” i asked him. He smiled, walked to the door and opened it.

    I felt a funny sensation as soon as he got to his door which made me walk up to him. I got beside him and stared at the door way, there stood Stella standing with her baby in her arms.

    I froze with surprise and shock, while the girl stared at me coldly,

    “I never knew you are still around” she said to me coldly. I breathed deeply, forcing out a smile.

    “Oh yea, i’m still here” i replied, grabbed Emmanuel by the waist and rested my weight on him. She shifted her gaze to Emmanuel who was yet to mutter any word.

    “Too bad because i have no where to spend the night and my little daughter is hungry” She added seriously. Emmanuel instantly looked at me while i shrugged. I knew the unfortunate girl was out to make trouble, but i wasn’t in the mood to oblige her, moreover every decision was on Emmanuel to make.

    “Won’t you guys let me in?” she asked curiously. I rolled my eyes, bit my lips and returned to my chair. She shoved Emmanuel aside, and entered the sitting room, using her baby as a shield.

    I stared at the young girl speechlessly, clueless on how to follow her up, while Emmanuel walked up to her with a drawn face.

    “I don’t know your plans, but you are not spending the night in this apartment” he said to her. But she simply scoffed and smiled.

    “May God protect you from yourself, you are now deceiving this young girl the way you deceived me. Anyway come and carry me out if you can, i’m ready for you” she dared him bravely. But unfortunately her eyes betrayed her with tears.

    “Stop being obnoxious and uncivil, it isn’t going to get you anywhere” i advised her with a frown.

    “Stay out of this, it’s none of your business” she fired back furiously,
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    “It’s my business dear, because i forced him to invite you” i replied. She scoffed, dropped her child on the floor and advanced towards me.

    “You want to make it your business right? So shall it be” she threatened murderously, while i shook with fright. It was very obvious she was extremely angry and dangerous. Judging by how furious she was, i knew i was no match to her.

    Emmanuel instantly came forward, grabbed her from behind and dragged her towards the door. She shoved and resisted but Emmanuel’s grip was stronger. With a last minute ferocious move, she levelled her two legs against the wall as soon as Emmanuel got her to the door, using the wall as leverage to send him backwards.

    Emmanuel staggered backwards loosening his grip a little, which gave the angry girl an opportunity to bite his hands without mercy.

    He screamed with surprise as he felt her bite, flunging her away from his body, before descending on her with two slaps, which brought out a loud scream from the fighting girl. But instead of backing out, she launched yet another attack, diving forward with intention of jerking him through the mid section. A very silly move which earned her a knock out punch from angry Emmanuel.

    She fell backwards, grabbing her jaw as tears freely flowed down her eyes. Her little baby began crying that moment, moving my fragile heart and getting me more confused, as i contemplated on going for the child or not.

    Emmanuel advanced towards her again to render more finishing blows, but i sprang up and held him.

    “I will have none of this Emmanuel, what has gotten into you?” i asked nervously,

    “I’m merely defending myself from this witch, don’t you see she could have easily taken me out?” he answered angrily.

    “You laid your hands on me Emmanuel? You guys don’t know me yet, i will be back shortly” The angry girl threatened and left the house, leaving her baby behind.

    A cold shiver instantly ran down my spine.

    “What’s she up to?” i wondered fearfully. I knew Emmanuel also asked himself the same question.

    What was her plan?

    We’ll get to know tomorrow!

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