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    “No it’s not true” he murmured with a broken voice, sat on my bed and covered his face with his palms. He never cried out but i knew he weeped in his heart.

    I stared at him clueless on what next to say nor how to behave towards him. He sat with his face covered for about fifteen minutes before composing himself and drawing close to me once again.

    “Did he, did he touch, touch you?” he nervously asked. I was instantly torn between telling him the truth or lying to him. My confusion left me silent which equally confirmed his fear.

    “Choi Mary, why, why nau??” he asked murderously with unshed tears melting his eyes. I was unable to stand his voice nor gaze any longer. I quietly stood up and backed him.

    “I don’t deserve you Samuel, i really do care about you, but i don’t understand my flesh anymore nor the cravings in my heart. Please free yourself from this torment and permit me to get another girl for you” i prayed with a fast pounding heart. But all he did was just to shed his tears which he very much struggled to hold, silently on my bed. I was very touched and would have cried beside him if not that i wanted him to let me out of his life.

    Patiently i waited for him to come around. I knew only one thing could happen that moment. Either he ends it like a man or ends up humiliating me. No matter which he chooses, i knew nothing would make him want to continue with me.

    Only a woman has the ability to send a great man to his grave without lifting a finger.

    “But what really took you to his house?” Samuel asked minutes later, after cleaning his eyes.

    “His mum invited me for a little chat, but when i got there a heavy rain broke out and i was forced to spend the night with them” i answered calmly. He swallowed hard with pain, his eyes soaked once again with tears.

    I really was uncomfortable watching him cry, i never knew guys do cry for love nor cry in such undignifying manner. Yes i was very touched, but his tears only drew out pity from me. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    I knew he was very hurt and disappointed, but all i eagerly waited for was for him to cut the last rope loosely binding us.

    “What do i do now?” he murmured unhappily,

    “It’s very obvious i do not deserve you, please purge me from you heart and permit me to find a suitable girl for you” i begged calmly. He breathed deeply and covered his face again.

    “Seriously Mary, i don’t know why all these are happening, we have a great relationship going between us, and now you are breaking my heart and making me the laughing stock of everyone. I hate to love you” he poured out bitterly, while i closed my eyes as his furious words registered in me.

    “I gave you everything you wanted and you are now paying me back with this unjust behaviour, it’s very unfair” he cried and stood up.

    I anxiously stared at him with my hopes up. I was very sure he was about leaving my life for good. My eyes melted as i watched him walk to the door. Truly he never deserved such treatment.

    He silently stood beside my door with his left hand on the door knob for some minutes, before turning to face me once again. He stared intensely at me for a while before advancing towards me with an unhappy look.

    “I can’t walk out from your life because of this single mistake Mary, we have been together for a long while and you haven’t given me cause to complain till Emmanuel showed up. I still do love you, let’s just forget everything and start afresh. I know you are acting the way you do because you are very confused, however i do appreciate your honesty, not every girl will confess such a horrible deed. I do prefer the devil i know than the saint i don’t know. I still do love you, let’s start all over again and put all that has happened these past few weeks behind us” he calmly said with a broken voice and eyes filled with tears, as he squatted by my side. I was deeply stunned, shocked, surprised and moved.

    I never expected such response from him. It truly left me a bit relieved, disappointed and happy. Infact my confusion reached its peak that moment.

    I WAS LOST…..

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