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    “No matter how hard we try to fight or pretend, the truth is that the memory of our first love affair will always remain buried in our heart. Our first love Is the root by which other relationships stand and just like a house will never stand without a foundation, our life will be meaningless without the story of how it all started. Our first relationship really shapes and dictates the direction of our future relationships. Without it, i doubt if we will ever have the wisdom nor experience to control our heart. I do know your heart is beating furiously as i speak to you and i equally know there is doubt, confusion and uncertainty in it. This is where an elder like me comes in, i will never wish you bad nor decieve you, because any agreement we arrive at will equally affect my son either positively or negatively” she lectured. I shook nervously as i listened.

    “What do you feel whenever you look at him?” she asked searchingly. I swallowed hard and shook my head.

    “I don’t just know ma, i can’t describe what i do feel, because it’s a mixture of hatred, compassion, fear, anger and happiness” i confessed. She breathed deeply with a smile.

    “You still love him my daughter, please don’t fight it any longer” she pleaded with wet eyes.

    I knew she was very right, but i instantly remembered Samuel. A boy who showed me care and love when i needed it.

    “I really can’t go back to your son because i’m already with another person” i sobbed. The good old lady closed her eyes, breathed deeply and drew me to her chest

    “I really do understand dear, because my sister experienced the same thing when we were teenagers” she murmured with a broken voice. I instantly raised my face and stared at her.

    “Yes my dear, i speak with experience, the best you can do for yourself is to follow your heart, allow it to be the Judge. Marriage is not something built on pity nor sympathy, but something built on solid love. Please dear let my words not look as if I’m rushing you. There is still enough time for you to think over everything. I have your phone number, so reaching you won’t be a problem, but just know that if you should accept my son, we will quickly arrange the marriage ceremony in no time” she concluded with a smile, leaving me totally lost and confused.
    ===Playloaded Stories===
    The heavy rain finally stopped around 6:15PM messing up the road and making it very unideal to thread on. I was stranded.

    “Our road wasn’t this bad last raining season. It’s as a result of the red soil poured on it by the contractors handling the construction” Emmanuel explained as we stood outside minutes later.

    I had insisted on leaving after the rain stopped, declining his mother’s pleas for me to sleep over, but looking at the road i knew i wasn’t going anywhere that fateful sunday evening.


    His mum gave me an old lovely pink night wear which i really didn’t know where she got it from. I thanked her, took my night bath and relaxed in the guest room.

    I was swiftly carried away by my thoughts as soon as i laid down, that i never noticed when Emmanuel came into the room, nor when he sat on the bed.

    “hey Mary” he greeted. I instantly sat up and stared at him suspiciously. His smile calm but intense.

    “I will be heading straight to town as early as 5AM tomorrow because of my work, hope you can wake up by that time? So i could drop you at your lodge, before going for my own business, though it all depends on our road. let’s just pray the road gets a bit dry before dawn” he said calmly, but before i could reply, a heavy thunder went through instantly jolting us. Rain started dropping on the roof once again.

    “Oops” he exclaimed, while i smiled, even though i had no reason to do so.

    Before i knew what was happening, his lips were on mine. I unknowingly surrendered completely to him and he took advantage of me once again.

    Minutes Later

    We silently laid beside each other, totally exhaused and weak.

    Finally the sense of deep peace that overtook us during our lovemaking quickly began ebbing away. The implications of what had happened hit home and slapped me intensely.

    A tide of guilt and self loathing swept throuh me.

    “I have betrayed Samuel” i sobbed.

    What really bittered me the most was that Samuel never even went this far with me all through the while we’ve been together. He’s always wished we keep the love making aspect till our wedding night. Here i am giving it freely to someone who doesn’t even deserve me. I was so ashamed of myself.

    Is this how my relationship gonna end with Samuel??

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