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    2pm Saturday,
    Samuel’s family house

    “Do you still love my son?” Samuel’s mum asked seriously, scanning my face with her eyes. I breathed deeply and nodded,

    “Yes i still do mum” i murmured. But my reply had no effect on her nor stopped her curious eyes from running through me.
    I arrived Samuel’s house quite on time that fateful day to assist the mum in preparing lunch. Something i did out of obligation and respect i had for the family.

    However Samuel travelled home the previous day, expecting me to travel with him like we used to whenever i was visiting his family, but i declined his request leaving him totally surprised and scared. he feared i would embarrass him by not honouring his mum’s invitation, thus the happiness and relief on his face when i eventually showed up that fateful day.

    His mum however was a bit cold and reserved as she welcomed me. I knew as a woman she really was very disappointed by my behaviour, but perhaps was forced to invite me because of her son whom she had to set aside her personal feelings to please.

    “Are you really sure about that?” she asked. I breathed deeply, smiling nervously.

    I really was glad she sent her son away before questioning me, something only wise mothers with good experience would do. I equally felt she wasn’t listening nor paying serious attention to my replies, but was intently examining my facial expression with each reply i gave, as if she was a mind reader.

    “If you are still in love with him as you claim, why break up with him?” she queried. I shrugged, calmed my excitement before pouring out my own version of the story.

    “Your story is similar to what he told me, you both made mistakes so i see no sense in your decision. My son is seriously hurting and i can’t stand it any longer. But I have ordered him never to beg you again because relationships are not built with pity but with good understanding, so tell me, how long are you willing to put him on hold and what’s your plan for the other boy?” she asked inquisitively.

    “Mum whatever will be will be, i promise to work out things with your son but i need a little more time to sort myself out. I still love him” i replied, calmly avoiding saying anything about Emmanuel. She shrugged and smiled weakly.

    I instantly knew she wasn’t convinced with my reply, nor did i need anyone to tell me i had failed her test. She really read through me so easily. A strange gifted woman she was.

    She asked no other prying questions as i spent the rest of the afternoon with them before rushing back to my lodge amidst Samuel’s pleas. I knew the way i left without spending a single night with them like i used to, further added weight to her suspicions.

    “Polluting Samuel’s mind would be her next line of action” i reasoned.

    I really was unable to sleep that fateful night as i pondered over the whole affair. By 12pm the next day, i was already on my way to Emmanuel’s family house with weird feelings in my heart.

    “Whatever is written can never be changed”—How foolish i was!

    2pm Emmanuel’s family house.

    Emmanuel, his mum and i sat at the dinning table, eating the Sunday rice before us. I was very nervous as i ate my own share of the meal, and couldn’t help praying for the lunch to end quickly.

    “I’m really delighted you honoured my invitation, you can’t imagine how pleased i am” Emmanuel’s mum said to me sweetly, while I blushed and said nothing.

    “We really do have a lot to talk after the meal, so relax and enjoy our hospitality” she added quietly. I nodded with a calm smile.
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    My heart really pounded furiously as i stepped into Emmanuel’s family house that fateful Sunday. Guilt and fear totally consuming me without warning. I would have turned and ran back that moment, if not for Emmanuels mum who came out of the house, saw me and came forward happily. The joy in her eyes as she came running totally buried my guilt and fear.

    “Daughter in-law” she greeted as she hugged me.
    Emmanuel hardly touched his food that afternoon as he kept staring and pleading with his eyes, but i pretended not to notice, even though i very much understood his plight.
    ===Playloaded Stories===
    A heavy rain however started immediately after lunch. Lightening and thunder striking like madness.

    “Don’t worry dear, the rain will stop before 4pm” his mum assured me with a smile as she led me to a sofa, while Emmanuel excused himself to attend to some areas of the building which was leaking under the heavy rain, leaving his mum all alone with me.

    “I know all about your story with my son. Trust me if i was in your shoes, i would have poured hot water twice on him before allowing him to explain himself. I really don’t blame all you are doing to him, but i swear by my honour, my son is really suffering over this issue” she softly said, held my hand and stared into my eyes………

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