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    I really didn’t believe Samuel could have the mind nor morale to invite Emmanuel in such manner and i equally never dreamt i would ever find myself in such unpleasant position.

    If i had the power, i would have disappeared that moment, but i lacked such powers and so had no choice than to sit it out.

    So loudly my heart pounded, so nervously i shook inside and so weakly i awaited my fate. But to my astonishment, Emmanuel just sat comfortably with a quiet smile on his face as he stared at us.

    He looked very relaxed, calm and calculative.

    “I had to lie and abandon my work just to get here due to the respect i have for you Mary and not because of the insultive tone and manner your so called boyfriend used in inviting me. Please i didn’t come here for a child’s play, so you guys better be serious” he said, breaking the silence between us.

    My dear Samuel instantly stood up, and stared at him with contempt and hatred.

    “Thanks for honouring my invitation. I invited you only for one simple reason which is to tell you in Mary’s presence to back off and leave her alone. She’s now my girl and i will forever fight for her interest and defend her. We may not have this opportunity again” he explained seriously with fire in his eyes.

    Emmanuel simply scoffed, sighed and stood up.

    “Is that all?” he asked, “you really have tried, thanks for trying to be a man” he muttered with a sneer, bent by my side and pecked me, before i even realised his intention. I instantly stared at him with shock and disbelief.

    Samuel however was more than shocked. There was fire in his eyes as his fury rose.

    The insultive calculative reply he got from Emmanuel coupled with the provocative peck he saw him give me, totally outraged and dis-organised him. Instantly turning him into a beast.

    Without thinking he reached out, grabbed Emmanuel by the collar, and jerked him violently.

    His action tore Emmanuel’s shirt, who instead of retaliating, smiled and shook his head.

    “What’s the need in being so violent??” “incase you are not aware, better know this moment that i have much more claim over Mary than you ever will. I guess she’s yet to gist you about our dirty secrets. So my boy fighting over a woman will only send you to your grave pretty quick instead of helping you prove a point. Don’t ever dare touch me again, i’m not your mate. Mary is my wife whether you like it or not, it’s just a matter of time” he muttered, while Samuel stared at him furiously.

    “You are just a shoe cleaner my boy, so better learn” he added insultively, before trying to leave. But Samuel couldn’t bear the insult any longer. He pushed him so violently that he landed on my bed and almost hit his head on the wall close by.

    I clearly saw what Emmanuel was successfully doing, he was purposely provoking Samuel, but i couldn’t figure out what he planned to achieve with it.

    Samuel however, expecting a retaliatory move from him, quickly grabbed a small kitchen knife lying on my reading table, making me fetch my strength and jump out of my bed.

    “Samuel have you gone crazy or what? Drop that knife” i instantly barked, throwing myself at him, but unluckily he misunderstood my action and stared at me murderously

    “Jeez so Mary you are now defending him, i have been the fool all along” he ranted with a raised hand which still held the kitchen knife.

    I swallowed hard as i stared at him, totally disappointed. I never knew a gentle boy like him could ever turn into such an obnoxious fellow.

    I sighed left my room and rushed to the general balcony, intending to clear my head there. Surprisingly Samuel followed me, breathing heavily as if he ran after a moving car.

    Emmanuel also left that moment, even though i didn’t see him leave. My head really was fully heated up like a dynamite waiting to explode. I was totally upset with Samuel.

    “Mary” he called out and grabbed me from behind. I instantly turned and faced him with anger.

    “It’s over” i muttered coldly,

    “What!” he gasped with disbelief.

    “I’m dead serious, our relationship is officially over” i repeated,

    “Oh Mary” he tried to protest, but i instantly freed myself from his grasp, rolled my eyes and moved to the other end of the balcony,

    “Please don’t ever Mary me again, the decision has been made” i murmured coldly,

    “No no no, i can’t take this, i can’t survive this, i’m sorry for going over the line, please forgive me” he apologised profusely, holding me again.

    “I know we both are going to suffer over this, but it’s best for us, focus your heart on your upcoming degree exams, Perhaps things will get better for us before you are done with it” i said coldly.

    “Is it a crime to defend and fight over what is rightfully mine?” he asked anxiously

    “Yea it’s a crime to fight over destiny, whatever is written for us can never be changed, even if you fight a thousand times” i replied and ran back to my room.
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    I had no peace for the rest of that week, because my dear Samuel wouldn’t let me be. He truly was extremely hurt by my decision, he kept begging and disturbing me as if my decision would kill him, but i never yielded to his pleas nor listened to Mariam who pleaded on his behalf. It was as if my heart was on lockdown. I felt nothing and had no regret over anything.

    I must confess his mistake really seemed to be the perfect opportunity that came at the right time, and i equally knew i simply was overreacting.

    However his mum surprised me with a phone-call on thursday inviting me over to their family house during the weekend which i found hard to decline, because the good old lady really had been very kind to me. But as i prepared my mind and myself on Friday, rehearsing how to behave at her house, i got another strange phone call from Emmanuel’s mother seeking to have a little ‘face to face’ chat with me, else she would come calling at my lodge.

    Yea i also accepted her invitation and got the directions to her house, because i preferred visiting her instead of her showing up at my lodge. But i equally couldn’t help wondering how she got my phone number.

    In such a short period, i became a hot dazzling ‘must-get’ princess..

    And how really did it play out?..


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