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    SATURDAY EVENING, Days later at HOME

    “A young man came here yesterday with his mum asking for your hand in marriage. He looked very serious and asked some prying questions like our culture demands” mum said to me after evening meal.

    “A young man?” i asked with surprise.

    “Yea he called himself Emmanuel, a very good friend of yours” mum added. I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

    “So what did you and dad say to him?” i asked inquisitively.

    “We answered some of his questions and promised to get back at him after hearing your opinion. He then left his phone number and promised to visit within two weeks. He behaved nicely, but dear every decision is yours to make, moreover we ain’t in a hurry to get you married. By the way do you actually know the young man??” mum explained and asked with a sweet smile.

    “Yea i do know him, but i still have more years ahead before thinking of marriage” i replied hotly.

    “Calm down dear, like i earlier said we your parents aren’t desperate to get you married. Your dad will call and notify him” she assured me. I smiled happily,

    “Thanks mum” i murmured and hugged her. But i really was no fool not to notice that she really liked him. The way her eyes beemed as she described him, displayed her mind like a chalk-board.

    “Don’t worry i know you will like Samuel much more” i assured her in my mind.
    I travelled back to school on Sunday with Emmanuel’s issue weighing heavily on my mind. Emmanuel really came back fully prepared for me. His actions showed it all. But i had an obligation towards Samuel which i wasn’t ready to betray even if i wasn’t feeling strongly for him the way i used to.
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    Just like my mum promised, Dad called and informed Emmanuel of my decision earlier that Sunday before i left the house, but the smile on his face after the phone call weakened me.

    “The young man said he is willing to wait forever can you imagine?” dad announced with a shrug, making my heart skip a beat.
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    I however told Samuel everything that happened at home without mincing words when we were together later in the evening. He just kept quiet for a while, shook his head sadly and bit his lips.

    “That sneaky fool” he cursed. I rolled my eyes, held his left hand and smiled at him reassuringly,

    “Don’t let it bother you dear, i’m already handling the situation” i said sweetly, but he simply scoffed, made to say something, controlled himself and breathed deeply as he stared at me.

    “Can i have his phone number and please don’t say know” he murmured a bit coldly. I shrugged took his phone and entered Emmanuel’s phone number in it.

    “I don’t know if he still uses it. It’s the phone number he used as a student” i explained.

    With a dry smile he took his phone, left the room and returned five mintues later with a weird look.

    “Your Emmanuel is coming here by 11am tomorrow” he said quietly. My heart instantly jumped, but i quickly composed myself wondering what he was up to.
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    11:30am the next day. I sat between Samuel and Emmanuel in my room with a heavily coloured face………

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