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    “No explanation can justify what you did, please i beg of you, stop disturbing me” i pleaded, snatched my hand from his grasp and ran out of his car. He quickly followed me, but unluckily for me, i ran into Samuel who was standing beside the hostel gate with an empty galon in his hand.

    I panicked and gasped, while Emmanuel equally stopped, stared at us for a while, turned back, entered his car and drove off as if he understood.

    Samuel silently stared at me with surprise. I really was at lost on what to say or how to explain myself, because he clearly saw both of us even before we did see him, and i knew there is no way he wouldn’t put the whole scene together.

    I quickly ran to my room without saying anything to him, expecting him to run after me, but he didn’t, instead went ahead with his own business.
    I rushed and prepared beans for lunch as i waited for him to show up, perhaps to demand for an explanation. But he didn’t, which further surprised and alarmed me.


    With a fast beating heart, i dutifully carried two plates of beans to Samuel’s room.

    Since he failed to show up and have his lunch in mine, i had no choice than to take the food to his room.

    He allowed me into his room with a sneer on his face, while i smiled nervously as i dropped the two plates on the rug.

    “Can you explain the scene i just witnessed hours ago?” he instantly asked coldly. I swallowed hard and stared at him, clueless on how to explain the scene Emmanuel and i created. I remorsefully looked down and said nothing.

    Surprisingly, he advanced and pushed me violently. I fell and somersaulted on his bed, while his fist closed in on me before i could even recover from the shock his violent push gave me. I held my breathe and closed my eyes.

    Samuel isn’t a violent person, I guess it was all my fault. Yet i felt very bitter and blamed him for concluding without proper investigation.

    I closed my eyes as i nervously waited for his fist to land on me. But after waiting for some seconds, i opened my eyes and saw him staring at me with hatred and rage.

    I instantly turned and attempted to run back to my room. He grabbed my hand and violently tossed me back on his bed.
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    “What has come over you, control yourself jor, things are really not as they seem” i murmured as i struggled with him, trying to defend myself. He just scoffed, shook his head and bit his lips.

    “I know what i saw Mary, or were my eyes lying when i saw you alight from that guy’s car, or was i dreaming, abeg tell me?” he shouted angrily,

    “I have been a fool to believe your cooked and bull story about ending things with him your own way, i guess you were doing it perfectly this afternoon or do you want to tell me the guy i saw isn’t your ex, eeh??” he barked

    “Let me be jor, i see you haven’t learnt to trust me after all i sacrificed in this relationship” i shouted back, sat up and dared him.

    “Trust is a silly word you girls use to deceive us, Mary i don’t trust you anymore” he said coldly and bluntly. I felt insulted, dirty and wounded. I never knew a day would come when Samuel will talk back at me more or less insult and humiliate me in such manner.

    “What did you just say?” i asked angrily,

    “Your recent behaviours aren’t in anyway decent, i don’t trust you my dear, read my lips” he shouted disrespectfully. I drew forward, slapped him and jumped out of his bed.

    “Since you no longer trust me, better keep away from me” i barked angrily,

    “I guess you have gotten the opportunity you are waiting for huh? You are now free to run into his arms” he taunted. I stared at him with tears in my eyes.

    “I have my pride and dignity, i will never be insulted nor humiliated by anyone not even by you, don’t come back begging” i threatened and left his room.

    I hated myself as i cried and ran to my room that moment, but it was the only thing i could do,

    “How do i redeem myself, why is Samuel behaving this way, how do i atone for my sins, is it my fault that i still feel something for Emmanuel, didn’t i do the right thing by refusing his advances, why am i being punished this way? GOD why??” i cried…….

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