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    “That guy really is something else, imagine the arrogance, the smile and the way he carried himself, God” Mariam muttered and fell on my bed.

    “Do you think your action will stop him?” i asked with a smile,

    “Of course not, what i did was just a temporary measure, stopping him permanently is in your hands, just like you did to David” she replied,

    “But i think you should first apologize and sort out your differences with Samuel, before having anything to do with that rascal, or else you will be adding more salt to your problems” she lectured, “imagine allowing him into you room and Samuel shows up in the process” she added. A shiver ran through me as i imagined it all,

    “You are right dear, i will settle with Samuel this evening” i assured her.

    Emmanuel knocked on my door for hours and left when he realised nothing would make us open the door for him. Mariam later left for her own room. I bathed, wore a lovely gown, sprayed perfume all over my body and went over to Samuel’s room.

    He allowed me into his room without saying anything. I smiled laid on his bed and stared at him. He sat on his rug and backed me, focusing his eyes on the tv screen, even though i knew his mind was somewhere else.

    “I’m sorry” i quietly apologized and touched his right shoulder. He kept quiet and ignored me.

    “You know me better dear and you know the last thing i will ever do is to cheat on you, not with my ex, not with anyone” i prayed,

    “I don’t know you anymore” he muttered coldly. I breathed deeply, climbed down from the bed and sat beside him on the floor,

    “Dear look into my eyes and repeat that comment, i won’t disturb you again if you repeat it” i dared him calmly. He looked into my eyes momentarily before looking away. I smiled and heaved a sigh of relief…

    “I still have much control over him” i acknowledged.

    I gently pecked him, cutting off his tirade. For a brief instant, he resisted, then sighed,

    “It wounds me when you act like this” i murmured,

    “Isn’t there something you need to tell me?” he asked curiously. I looked away and played the feminine stunt. Tears fell from my eyes and i began to cry.

    He instantly clasped me to his chest

    “ssh” he soothed, “it’s over, everything is alright”

    I smiled in my mind. Searched his face as i probed for equivocation, but encountered none, which ultimately made me accept his pledge to be genuine.

    “Problem solved” i breathed deeply and murmured to myself. My dearest Samuel is the most gullible guy i have ever met, and it really was so because he loved me with all his heart.

    “Why are you smiling?” i soon heard him ask. But i didn’t reply because i was busy planning my next line of action, which was stopping Emmanuel from disturbing me. I felt uneasy thinking about it as if i knew my downfall was approaching…

    “Please my love don’t ever mistrust me again” i whispered pleadingly into his ear. He swiftly turned and stared into my eyes with the cutiest smile ever,

    “It won’t happen again dear” he promised and pecked me. I smiled gratefully, played with his left ear for a while before playfully pinching his jaw,

    “I have another request to make my love” i carefully murmured. He held my left hand and nodded for me to continue,

    “Please allow me to handle Emmanuel the way i deem it fit” i begged humbly. His expression instantly changed, and he breathed deeply like someone in pain, as he scanned my face with his eyes like a detective.

    “But baby i don’t think it’s wise” he tried to argue. I instantly placed a finger on his lips, deliberately stopping him from finishing his objection.

    “Please baby” i begged with my feminine charms which i instantly displayed. He looked away for some seconds, shrugged and faced me again.

    “Alright if that will make you happy and equally get him to leave you, who am i to object” he accepted with a dry smile, while my eyes instantly beemed with joy. I hugged him happily, every pore in my body smiled with excitement.

    “Thanks my love, you are the best, very understanding and considerate” i murmured happily, before resting on his body like a little child.

    He just held me and smiled like someone who displeased himself for the sake of peace.
    ===Playloaded Stories===
    “Do you think you can handle Emmanuel on your own” Mariam asked with concern the following morning, after listening to the narration i gave her on how i secured Samuel’s love and trust again.

    “Yea i can, or don’t you trust me anymore?” i answered and stared at her suspiciously. Seriously her behaviour and loyalty seemed to change, since she learnt of Emmanuel’s return.

    “I do trust you dear” she flashed a quick smile, shrugged and expertly changed the topic.

    2:30PM A DAY LATER

    I was about taking my usual sunday siesta when i heard gentle knocks on my door. I lazily got up from my bed, opened my door and gasped in surprise when my eyes fell on Emmanuel smiling nervously. I felt weak on my knees, while my heart skipped a bit, i really don’t know why i always felt uneasy each time i happen to meet his gaze, “perhaps i really haven’t gotten over him the way i thought” i wondered as i stared coldly at him.

    “Mary all i need is just two minutes of your time, please don’t shut your door and grant me audience” he begged softly. I breathed deeply and allowed him into my room, very determined to end his chapter and disturbance that fateful afternoon.

    “Thanks for letting me into your room” Emmanuel murmured with a smile as he settled down on a small plastic chair.

    “I know what i came to say may be a bit difficult and probably weird to you, but i really came with every bit of sincerity and honesty a guy could ever muster. Before i begin please let’s keep all our differences and things of the past aside and think only about the future” he fluently poured out. I scoffed, held my jaw and nodded for him to continue.

    “I know i did a very terrible, unforgivable deed by abandoning you, i really do apologize for that and i know if you will ever bear to hear my side of the story, you really will understand why it happened. Anyway let me go straight to why i came here” he added nervously like a new bank executive who was making his first presentation. My heart pounded furiously as i listened to him.

    “Baby i really came to finish the dream we started together years ago. Remember our plans, hopes and dreams we shared, drawings and promises we made to each other as we mapped our life years ago? I have returned with the noble intention of finishing it. Let’s forget the past and forge ahead please. I now work with Fidelity bank, just like i told you i will when i graduate, please don’t let personal feelings and anger cloud your judgement. My parents are waiting for you, my heart is very eager to unite with yours and my soul could only be at rest with you by my side, cyndii dear let’s finish this dream together” he pleaded passionately.

    “Stop!!!” i snapped, cutting off his speech midway. I truly couldn’t believe his words were having terrible effects on me. I really was hypnotized.

    “What’s wrong with me, why am i even listening to all this thrash” i wondered, terribly alarmed at the apparent change in me. I instantly trembled when i felt his touch as he expertly reached out, held my fingers and knelt by my side, when he noticed how shaken i was.

    “I see confusion in your eyes. But please think this through, remember how we started and remember that i do know you very well. I went to conquer the world, now i’m back with the spoils which i lay at your feet, please listen to the silent whispers in your heart” he murmured like a devil, confusing me more.

    I was lost, confused and alarmed. My heart yearned for another thing, while my body demanded for another. Sure he really was my first love, but isn’t old memories supposed to fade with time?.

    “I’ll be back for your reply Mary” he whispered and kissed me before i could even breathe twice nor say anything. His kiss so bitter but very strong shook my hormones so terrible that i gasped for air.

    Before i could get myself to look up at him, he was gone.

    “Lord help me” i prayed. I knew i finally have gotten a very terrible secret to hide from everyone.

    “Not even Mariam will hear of this” i concluded to myself, “how shameful it will be if she finds out” i reasoned as i wondered how to overcome the terrible effect Emmanuel’s disturbance was having on me.

    What should i have done??

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