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    Dawn arrived quickly than i expected. I tossed uneasily on Samuel’s bed.

    “How do i face Emmanuel today?” i wondered and closed my eyes,

    “God help me” i prayed and breathed deeply. My strength failed me.
    I stayed away from lectures that fateful day, and stayed indoors with Samuel, who really was very glad to sacrifice his lectures because of me. We had a wonderful time playing, joking and he never went beyond his boundary, which i really loved most about him.. Deep down within me i still felt very uneasy.

    I kept thinking about Emmanuel and his next line of action, since i failed to show up in school. My heart leapt each time i heard someone knocking on a neighbour’s door, fearing it was him knocking on my door.

    “Hope you are alright dear, you look very anxious and uneasy?” Samuel asked numerous times that fateful day. But instead of telling him my plight i preferred to keep it firmly sealed in my heart.

    “I can’t believe you still haven’t told him about Emmanuel, upon everything i said to you yesterday, seriously you are no longer behaving like the Mary i know, are you under a spell or are you still habouring some form of affection for that boy?” Mariam asked suspiciously, when she came into my room later in the evening, after returning from school..

    “You won’t understand” i murmured and bit my lips,

    “Yes i can’t understand your behaviour anymore, you even skipped lectures because of that boy nawa oh” she replied and shook her head.

    “I know what i’m doing okay, you are just misunderstanding my actions dear,” i murmured. She shrugged and changed the topic, while I instantly felt relieved, because i really had no strength to argue with her.

    However when Samuel confronted me about Emmanuel later in the night, i knew my best friend had snitched on me. I felt very terrible, weak and lost, but what pained me the most was Samuel’s words, which really injured me immensely.

    “I never knew you could keep such information away from me. I never believed i will ever hear such news from someone else, why Mary?, why??” he asked after repeating all Mariam told him.

    I swallowed hard and looked away, with an injured pride, totally ashamed of myself.

    “I can’t even imagine you stayed away from school just because of him” he muttered,

    “Baby i kept it away from you because i didn’t want to involve you, i know how upset you will be if i tell you such news” i explained truthfully, but for the first time he choosed not to believe me. He stared at me for a while before looking down.

    “Seriously i don’t know what to believe, how am i even sure you haven’t been meeting him secretly, perhaps it was your friend’s conscience that made her open up to me even though i suspect she tuned down the whole thing” he murmured. I gasped in shock, grabbed his right hand strongly, forcing him to bring his eyes back on me.

    Samuel has never doubted, suspected, nor spoken silly words to me, but that moment it appeared as if i lost all his trust. The most painful part of it all was that he accused me unjustly and kept staring at me as if i was a half penny

    “My God, why did Mariam do this to me” i wondered with a weeping heart, totally lost, dejected and heartbroken……

    “Good night” Samuel muttered, snatched his hand from my grasp, and turned his back on me,

    “Where are you going?” i asked stupidly,

    “To my room of course” he replied coldly,

    “Spend the night here with me dear?” i begged,

    “I don’t think it’s necessary, you never wanted me to get involved, so it’s better i stay away so that you can clean up your problems alone just like you wanted. You can notify me when you are done” he murmured and left my room.

    “Dear your behaviour is punishing me, don’t leave me here alone” i begged as he left.

    I never knew Samuel could ever get so annoyed with me in such manner, and It just looked as if my life was crashing in a terrifying manner.

    I spent that night tossing on my bed and crying. I woke up the next day emotionally weak, pertubed and uneasy.

    Mariam showed up in my room by 7:55AM, I felt like murdering her, but had to control myself because i didn’t want to create a scene with someone so vulgar.

    “Why the drawn face huh?” she asked and sat beside me with concern. I sighed and looked the other way,

    “Snitch” i hissed quietly,

    “Hmmm okay, now i understand the monkey face you are showing me. Of course i told Samuel because you have no reason for hiding Emmanuel’s disturbance from him. You won’t understand what i did for you, hahaha you can thank me later shaaa” she patted my back and laughed.

    “This is no laughing matter, your big mouth just cost me my relationship” i murmured,

    “Abegi make i hear word jare” she replied and fell back on my bed,

    “I’m very serious, Samuel almost pounced on me yesterday” i complained bitterly. To my surprise, my dear friend laughed out loud.

    “Anyway i don’t blame you, i caused everything by revealing my problems to you” i added sadly. She sat up and stared at me seriously.

    “Baby don’t talk like that, Samuel loves you very much, he just reacted as he should. Relax he will come back to make peace” she assured,

    “What if he doesn’t?” i asked,

    “Then you go yourself and beg him, you have legs don’t you?” she replied and winked at me, “anyway i don’t think Samuel can last a day without you” she concluded while i shrugged.

    We argued and debated about Emmanuel, Samuel and how to settle my problems throughout that morning till 11:3AM when we heard a steady knock on my door which interrupted us.

    Mariam quickly answered my door and froze when she saw who was knocking. She slowly walked backwards like someone possessed by an evil power. My face instantly coloured. I gasped and swallowed hard when i saw Emmanuel confidently walk into my room with a steady smile. But before i could recover from the shock, Mariam quickly regained herself and pushed him ferociously with an energy i never have seen in her.

    Her push took him by surprise, and sent him staggering backwards towards the open door. Mariam pushed again and again until he was out of my room without much resistance. She quickly locked my door with great speed and rested her body on it as she gasped for breath.

    I really was totally stunned, and surprised at the great stunt she pulled. I stared at her gratefully for some minutes and breathed deeply,

    “God please give me the type of mind, strength and courage Mariam has” i prayed….

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