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    “Please be quick with the story” i muttered with a drawn face, while he simply just smiled, supported his jaw with his right hand and stared at me like someone with a whole lot of time in his hands,

    “You really have grown into a beautiful woman, more sexy and attractive than i expected” he said with a smile. I frowned and sighed,

    “Your plan didn’t work, you thought i will dry up like a dead leaf when you abandoned me abi? Mtcheeew” i poured and hissed. He instantly looked away with remorse in his eyes, but i felt no pity for him. His comment really ignited my anger, even though it was meant to flatter me.

    “Abeg do fast and tell me the story, i have other things to do” i urged coldly,

    “Your comments are just like a whip, flogging the living hell out of me” he murmured in order to draw out pity. I scoffed, shook my head and stared at him coldly,

    Thunder fire you there, i just wish my comments could do much more than flogging your wretched body” i cursed bitterly.

    “My God! Mary you have changed considerably, you now curse and throw insults without fear” he exclaimed with surprise,

    “Change is a constant thing in life oga, and as long as i’m alive, i will keep on changing. I see you have no story to tell, this conversation is over and never happened” i barked and stood up rudely. He instantly tried to grab my left hand, but was unsuccessful.

    “Please don’t ever come to my lodge again unless you need a hot bath” i threatened and walked away, while he speechlessly stared at me with a coloured face.

    “God please forgive me, i never intended to curse and insult him this way, but you know he caused everything” i prayed with remorse as i left the cafe.

    I soon felt a strong hand grab me from behind outside the cafe, i instantly turned and stared at Emmanuel murderously,

    “Please can i have your phone number” he begged,

    “Go to hell” i cursed, turned and made to leave. He instantly blocked my path and stared at me with prayers in his eyes,

    “Don’t do this Mary, please i have waited so long for this moment, if you refuse me your phone number, i will have no choice than to follow you to your lodge and kill myself with your hot water, i can’t just continue living this way, not after seeing you after a long wait” he begged seriously.

    I looked up and down with confusion and frustration quickly eating me up like hunger. I equally battled with my mind as i thought of the strategy i could use in discharging him.

    I slowly held my pride, and controlled my angry spirit,

    “I need to sleep over this issue, i can’t just give you my new phone number easily, moreover you just appeared from the clouds after disappearing from my life for a long time, i will be in school tomorrow, perhaps you will get my number if we meet then, but please on no account should you visit my lodge, that’s all i can say for now and i think it’s fair considering all you did to me” i muttered calmly. He shrugged unhappily and nodded with a faint smile.

    “That’s fine by me” he accepted without another argument. I rolled my eyes and walked away without another word,

    “How do i resist this idiot of a boy?” i wondered.

    “I surely need Mariam’s advice before i do something nasty, two heads are better than one” i concluded with a calm smile as i trekked back to my lodge that fateful afternoon, very glad i was finally free from his disturbance, at least for that day….


    “Emmanuel is back” i whispered into my friend’s ear as if i was scared of calling out Emmanuel’s name. She glanced at me with surprise,

    “Emmanuel! Which Emmanuel?” she curiously asked,

    “My ex na, have you forgotten him?” i replied. She instantly gasped and held my left palm tightly,

    “You mean you saw him?” she asked,

    ”He was in my room yesterday and even blocked me in school today” i explained,

    “So what does he want?, how did he even find you?” she asked with concern,

    “Girl i really can’t say how he found me, i even thought you were the person who helped him” i answered quietly. She gave me an askance look, smiled and tapped my left shoulder,

    “Nawa for you, why you go think that kind thing? I’m very much surprised as you are, so what did he say and what does he want?” she asked.

    “Usual stuff, he wants my phone number, he has a story to tell, he can’t continue living this way” i replied and mimicked Emmanuel’s voice. She laughed and clapped her hands.

    “Abegi don’t mind him, better be careful from now onwards, you know how guys especially first boyfriend’s can be, very cunning and crafty like a con-artist, moreover he knows you too well, so please don’t even give him any chance to open his mouth” she advised.

    “But how can i be able to do that? He threatened to kill himself if i don’t give him attention” i murmured,

    “Then let him kill himself, supposing you died of heartbreak when he left you, will he be talking all these nonsense” she replied unhappily, while i breathed deeply and shrugged.

    “So have you told your guy?” she asked,

    “No, i murmured and shook my head,

    “Please don’t hide this issue from him, it will be easier for you to discharge him with Samuel backing you up, i’m talking from experience” she advised like a sister (And that was a good advise from Mariam which i declined, a great mistakes we ladies make when our Ex later shows from nowhere).

    “I really don’t like involving that poor boy in my problems” i murmured,

    “I don’t think you have any other choice, my dear” she concluded and stared at me with pity. I looked away and shrugged.


    I laid on his body, while he gently played with my hair, a gesture i always enjoyed, but that evening, i really was very restless.

    Mariam’s advice kept repeating in my head, urging me to open up and reveal all i was hiding. But i couldn’t get myself to do her bidding, which really was the most appropriate thing to do.

    A force i really can’t define nor figure out, sealed my lips and locked them firmly like a padlock. Perhaps it was fear which hindered me or maybe it was my stupidity which played such a dirty trick on me. My conscience urged me but my strength failed me, while my mouth refused to oblige. The kind of force which held me that moment seemed similar to that which often stops we girls from exposing our boyfriend’s pals who made passes at us. Only girls will surely understand the state i was in. Deep down i felt very guilty..

    “I will talk to Emmanuel tomorrow, if he still insists, then i will have no choice than to tell Samuel” i promised myself.

    A promise which left a sour feeling in my mind, but unknown to me Mariam had her own plans which soon reshaped and turned everything upside down for me.

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