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    David never did disturb me again, he just kept his distance and avoided me like a snake which i very much loved, even though it really was very surprising to Samuel who couldn’t believe that David easily swallowed his pride and gave me up without any harm.


    Time flies so fast when we have our dreams up and running. I was soon in the second semester of my 3rd year while Samuel in his final semester as a student.

    Our relationship blossomed and matured into something so solid and sweet, despite the fact we abstain from sex. It just looked as if i was created for him. His family accepted and treated me as if i was their daughter. They really couldn’t wait for us to finish school and get married.

    I transformed Samuel from a quiet, cool headed introvert into an artistic, charming, noble young man whose greatest hobby was to love me. The clothes in my wardrope, the jewelleries, flowers, cards, teddy bears i was lavished with and even my fat bank account all testified to his benevolence. He so totally spoilt me, that i hardly ever touched the monthly allowance my parents do give me. My ego and pride were so high. I was envied by many.

    “Oh what else could i have asked my creator for?”


    But sometimes no matter how hard we struggle to shape our future, challenges do come to test our courage and zeal, always appearing when least expected, and only a little misdeed that moment could rewrite everything.

    Some folks do say that ‘whatever will be, will surely be no matter how hard we plan’, and some holy books do say ‘our destiny already has been written by our creator before birth’. Whatever the case, life is so full of mysteries.

    The future i so much struggled to build with Samuel was completely jeopardized weeks into my 300 level second semester. I never knew my fate could take such a dramatic twist nor my past showing up to haunt me. Not only did it return to haunt me, it equally came to steal my soul, pride, heart and all i laboured for, without even a mask to hide its face.

    My past came pertinaciously for me when i least expected, and i truly can’t explain how lost or petrified i was when it came knocking on my door.

    The shock, pain and anger i felt when i answered my door and saw Emmanuel (My ex-boyfriend) smiling nervously with hands clasped behind him, was so immense that i couldn’t breathe for a while. The look of relief in his eyes when they rested on me really was undeniable.

    For some seconds i stared at him speechlessly, lost in thought and clueless on what to do.

    He truly wasn’t looking bad, though a bit darker than when i last saw him. He wore a white shirt, black tie, trouser and shoes. His features perfectly constructed and matured…..

    How fast i noticed…


    “Nooooo go away!” i cried as i shut my door on his face, dived to my bed and covered my head with my pillow.

    “How did he find me?” i wondered miserably.

    I left my old lodge and changed my phone number all because of him. Seeing him that afternoon instantly brought up old memories, drawing out tears from my eyes. I was highly demoralized.

    “Mary please open your door, i just came to talk with you” he knocked and begged. I simply ignored him and refused to open my door.

    He finally left after an hour of constant knocking. I heaved a sigh of relief and made the sign of the cross.

    “Lord be my strength” i prayed, because I needed no one to tell me that he would return. However i failed to mention Emmanuel’s visit to Samuel, when we were together later in the evening, without knowing the reason (another great mistake ladies make in a realationship). Perhaps it was because i didn’t want to involve him in my problems anymore. A lame excuse i consoled myself with.

    “Hope everything is alright?” Samuel asked curiously as soon as he noticed my absent-mindedness,

    “I’m having a slight headache” i muttered calmly,

    “I have panadol in my room, let me get it for you” he sweetly said as he got up,

    “No don’t worry, all i need is just a good night sleep” i murmured and flashed him a smile. He shrugged and rubbed my back,

    “Good night dear, let me leave you alone” he muttered and left for his room.


    “Some lecturers are truly very annoying with the manner they behave sometimes” i murmured furiously as i left our lecture hall after writing a hot impromptu test which i manged to answer only three out of six questions. I really was very annoyed and swore to anyone who blocked my path as i left the hall as if something was pursuing me.

    A strong hand grabbed me without warning, i instantly turned to lash out on whoever it may be. But I was stunned when my eyes fell on Emmanuel, smiling nervously in his usual way. I felt like slapping him but the crowd around us was much.

    “Calm down my dear, things are not always as they seem” he muttered quietly,

    “I have a story to tell, after listening to it you can then pour out your mind” he added calmly.

    “I’m in no mood to listen to your story, i don’t care anymore, moreover it’s too late” i replied haughtily. I could have snatched my hand and ran away that moment, but i didn’t, instead i stood and stared at him while i calmly deliberated whether to listen to his story or not. Curiousity got hold of me.

    “Don’t say anything dear till you listen to my story, it won’t take much of your time, you can go your way after listening to it. I only came to fulfill something i promised myself” he urged with a smile. I breathed deeply, shrugged with a shoulder and followed him to a quiet, expensive cafe at the other end of the school.

    I knew it was undignifying to allow my curiousity get hold of me, but i just couldn’t help it.

    “Am i under a spell or what?” i asked myself as we sat down in the cafe, moments later.

    “Please God don’t allow Samuel to see me here” i silently prayed with guilt.

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