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    “Please i don’t want him to know that i’m here” Linda held my left hand and pleaded with frightened eyes, while i looked at her in surprise as i equally searched her face,

    “I will explain later but please don’t let him come into your room” she added fearly,

    “Don’t worry dear, i won’t” i assured her with a smile…….

    I finally opened my door half- way with a fast beating heart, and blocked the entrance with my body as i stared at David, who just smiled sweetly at me like an innocent child,

    “Hey dear how you dey?” he asked,

    “I’m fine and busy with my assignments” i replied,

    “Can i come in? I promise not to disturb you, i’m very bored and lonely in my room” he asked with a smile, while i shook my head,

    “Please come some other time, i really want to be alone” i answered with a serious look. He smiled, shrugged and gave me a cold look which really frightened me,

    “okay i will come later in the evening” he said before walking away, while i breathed deeply,

    “what is wrong with this boy?” i asked myself…….

    “Has he gone?” linda inquired curiously as soon as i locked my door, while i smiled and advanced towards her,

    “Yes dear he has gone back to where he came from” i replied with a smile, while She breathed deeply,

    “Thank God” i heard her mutter…….

    “So dear i’m very eager to hear what you came to discuss with me” i said curiously as i sat beside her, but she just looked away as if she wasn’t sure of herself any more.

    “I have the feeling David knows i’m here” i heard her mutter with a lost voice. I drew closer and rested my right hand on her left shoulder,

    “What is really going on and why are you so scared of him?” i asked,

    “I don’t think it’s important anymore i have to get going” she said and stood up suddenly, while i held her left hand strongly, and pleaded with her,

    “Please open up to me, i promise to keep our discussion secret” i pleaded desperately, even though i really didn’t know what pushed me to do so……

    She stared at me silently for a while, before sitting on my bed again,

    “I couldn’t help but notice how attached and obsessed David have become over you, do you have feelings for him?” she asked as she looked into my eyes, while i instantly was thrown into shock, confusion and surprise, because i really didn’t know the motive behind her question, whether she asked it as a girlfriend, sister, solicitor or a jealous stalker, but before i could get my composure back, her phone rang…

    Her face coloured as she stared at her ringing phone for a while before standing up again,

    “I better start going, we will talk some other time” she muttered as she walked towards my door, while i stared at her in silence, because i really was very stunned, extremely surprised and confused…..

    She left my room without another word, while i stood up, walked to my closed door, locked it and returned to my bed, where i lay with my thoughts before falling asleep due to fatigue…….

    I jolted from my bed around 7:30pm that evening, prepared my night meal, freshened up, and left for Samuel’s room. I walked into his room with a tray of Garri and soup, while he stared at me happily, when he opened his door…..

    “I thought you weren’t coming again” he confessed, which equally made me smile.

    “I was carried away by sleep oo” i explained with a yawn,

    “And where did it drop you?” he asked as he brought a bowl of water,

    “It dropped me on your head” i joked. He laughed and washed his hands……

    We ate silently that fateful evening because we were very hungry, and he also never asked about the friend whom i told him i was expecting earlier in the day, which really earned him a great deal of my respect, even though i knew i wouldn’t have been able to hold myself from asking, if i was in his shoes……

    We were soon done with the meal, which finished quickly, and he then sat by my side and waited upon me as i peeled oranges for him,

    “You really don’t know how much you have changed my life and the kind of influence you now have over me” he muttered moments later, while i blushed.

    “Seriously dear, you have redefined my life, and i do owe you a lot for that. I know i’m not romantic, but i’m trying my best to learn, i promise to do everything within my power to make you happy, i love you so much” he poured out to me, while my hands shook slightly…

    He reached for the orange i held with my left hand, took it from my grasp, knelt by my side and gave me a nice hug…..

    I trembled under the hotness of his tight hug and it was as if a thousand volts of love had hit me. He drew up my face and stared into my eyes,

    “Oh baby i wish you could feel how my heart is beating for you” he muttered,

    “I wish you could feel how i’m trembling inside because of you” i said to myself……

    I really wished for something more closer from him other than the regular hug, but it doesn’t seem coming. This made a part of me happy and another part of me sad. But still doesn’t change my feelings for him.

    “I think i’m in love with a saint here” I said to myself…..

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