After waiting outside for about 5 minutes, Tj came in

    Tj: baba why you dey outside

    Me: my oga e never tey wey I come, so I just say make I take fresh air

    Tj: you sure say na fresh air you dey take abi dem don lock you for outside

    Me: bros na all of the above oooo

    Tj: who lock you outside sef?

    Me: bros na dat one I never find out oooo

    Tj: make I see the slippers wey dey outside first maybe I go fit guess the owner

    Me: ok ooo

    Tj went and was singing some uncoordinated music, next thing I saw was Acme coming out with JT shooting out of his boxers

    Acme: baba shey I never kip una waiting sha

    Me: at all na now I just dey enter sef

    Me: baba abeg help me pass my bag I gats enter lag today

    Acme: hanhan shebi you just land yesterday

    Me: yes I forgot my original birth certificate for house na just one photocopy I bring and I don use am for clearance

    Acme: heya….na money you wan waste be that ooo

    Me: abi *waste money ke, abi I wan go make money*
    ***Playloaded True Life Story***
    By 5pm I was in a bus to lagos, as usual I try my best to seat next to a young lady and at the same time pretend not to have her time.

    Seriously, my mind was occupied with how to raise the money for my fees, then all of a sudden this lady just hit my shoulder with her head pretending to be sleeping, well she left the head on my shoulder and I didn’t complain after like 10minutes I decide to help her ministry or so I taught… I stretched my hand over her shoulder, trying to rest my hand on her b0s0m, well she didn’t complain so I decide to up my game a little more.

    The time was around 8pm and the weather was very nice, I continued my romance with the lady beside me and this time I was squeezing her b0s0m and she had her hand on my JT.

    Have only heard about stories like this, but it happening to me is still amazing till today. Before I could say Jack she zipped down my trousers and pierce through my boxers rubbing my JT with passion, well that sent shivers to my brain. I bend my head on the seat in front of us and she did the same then our lips met slowly I was trying to devour her lips and she mine, by this time the guy sitting next to me has noticed somethings and was humming some sounds I understood, was just laughing in my mind. Before I could even finish enjoying my freebie, she told the driver she is dropping @ Iwo road. Chai na so this thing go end without getting to the promise land?

    Finally the bus stopped and she looked up and said ‘bad boy’ I just smiled and said bye.

    The guy beside me gave me the chairman look and I just winked him and off I go into dreamland till we arrived lagos around 10pm.

    I entered bariga by 11:15 and met Mama shivering, I was shocked *by dis time*

    Me: mama what’s wrong

    Mama: its just malaria

    Me: did you go to the hospital

    Mama: it just started today and have prayed about it

    Me: Mama its not about praying alone at least use paracetamol

    Mama: the lord has healed me, I will see my pastor tomorrow

    Me: mama please take some medication and let’s go to the clinic tomorrow

    Mama: why don’t you have faith

    Me: mama I have faith, but faith without work is dead

    Mama: tee leave me alone, am fine, how was your journey

    Me: Mama I will get you some drugs tomorrow sha

    Mama: you will use it yourself then

    Me: but…

    Mama: *cuts in* no but, please I need to rest and just shut your mouth till tomorrow, have had enough of you already.

    The next morning, I was discussing with my sister who couldn’t go to school due to her mum’s condition

    Tos: uncle tee, this mama’s sickness is always every week ooo

    Me: hanhan every week ke? Shebi am always around and she has been fine.

    Tos: am telling you the truth, she only pretends she’s fyn to u all

    Me: really?

    Tos: u know I go with her to the pastor regularly

    Me: yes

    Tos: it seems she has a big boil on her b0s0m

    Me: boil ke? For how long has the boil been there?

    Tos: I don’t know ooo, but the boil seems to have lasted more than a month

    Me: so what has she been using?

    Tos: she’s has been rubbing oori on it

    Me: ok den, lemme try and talk to her.
    ***Playloaded Stories***
    Mama was a very spiritual person, infact too spiritual for my likeness, she usually say I act like an unbeliever and prays that God will touch my life. So after listening to Tos, I knew the best way to get her talk is to go spiritual on her too, so I went like this

    Me: mama how are u feeling this morning

    Mama: am better by His grace

    Me: it is well in Jesus Name, the lord that starts the good works will perfect it IJN

    Mama: Amen

    Me: are we going to see the pastor today?

    Mama: do u want to go with me ni?

    Me: yes, I think I need some spiritual guidance to start my program with, u know Ilorin is filled with muslims, so I need God’s protection among them.

    Mama: that’s true, I thank God for ur life, dis is how a child of God thinks and reasons

    Me: yes ma

    Mama: but av u deleted those worldly songs on ur phone? If u want god’s protection u av to do away with all the things of the world.

    Me: *getting tired and bored* av done that ma, so when are we seeing the pastor?

    Mama: we will go by 12

    Me: ok ma.

    By 12 we were at the church, and with the pastor in his office

    Pastor: tee ow r u, and how come u are back so soon

    Me: I just came to pick somethings I forget ni sir

    Pastor: so when will u be going back?

    Me: maybe next week sir

    Pastor: make sure u see me befor u go back

    Me: *i op no be prayer I wan c u for ooo* ok sir

    Pastor: Mama ow r u feeling today

    Mama: am strong sir

    Pastor: it is well, any improvement?

    Mama: Yes by his grace am better than last week

    Pastor: to God be the glory

    Me: daddy please can u advice ha to please go to the hospital, so we can know the nature of this reoccurring sickness

    Pastor: mama, so u avnt been to the hospital?

    Mama: I don’t need to go to d hospital sir, the great Physician is already working in me

    Pastor: hallelujah……. Well ur faith has made u whole, but if ur son insists maybe u should try and just go

    Mama: all right sir

    Pastor: going to the hospital doesn’t stop God from doing what’s he will do, infact it will even help us to know wot exactly we are dealing with and where to shoot our arrows of prayer

    Me: abi ooo, pls tell ha ooo

    Mama: ok sir, thank u sir

    Pastor: let’s pray…….to be continued..

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