The lodge was called MANAGERS VILLA. She introduced me to some of her room mates and told me she was just scouting with them all and that she was the only girl in the midst of 5 boys.

    Wow I said. I narrated my ordeal to her and she said she can’t be of help cause the room is filled already and it doesn’t belong to her.

    While speaking the Owner of the lodge named Acme came close and overhead all we were discussing, then he said….

    Acme: guy if you don’t mind ooo, you fit join us na, shebi na to sleep and wake till u finish your registration.

    Tee: thanks brother am so grateful

    Acme: shey na Hostel you wan collect abi na outside campus you go rent house

    Tee: I don’t even know yet, make I first enter school tomorrow and see what’s up

    Acme: no wahala baba, but guys wan chao Eba now, if you no mind you fit join us

    Tee: bros me no dey mind for food ooo

    Acme: I don dey suspect you sef, all dis slim people you guys are always consumers

    Tee: well its a gift from God and e no dey show for our body

    We both laughed and Acme took me in and introduced me to the rest of the guys. TJ, Abbey, Kc and Ismail.
    ***Playloaded True Story***
    Well those guys changed my life in totality and that we shall see as the story unfolds.

    It was a cold morning, and the harmmathan in ilorin no get part 2. I woke up to the sound of music from Midland fm.

    Tee: guys good morning

    Acme: how are you doing

    Abbey: you no dey enter school

    Tee: am fine oo, I go enter but na around ten

    KC: when you enter just go do your clearance first na there dem go tell you how much your fees go be

    Tee: thanks baba, by the way where is Bisola

    Acme: she don enter school

    Tee: so fast?

    Abbey: the traffic is always terrible every morning, me sef don dey comot

    Tee: comot ke? You don bath ni?

    Acme: na afternoon we dey bath dis days ooo, shey you no see the harmathan ni?

    Tee: so even bisola no bath

    Acme: if you see her make you ask her yourself ooo. We don dey comot.

    Kc: when you wan comot just lock the door and give the key to the woman next door

    Tee: ok

    Kc: if you reach main road just call challenge to any cab, at least you should know your way from there

    Tee: yes I do.

    All: aiit , see you in the evening

    Acme: no tey for school ooo else na leg you go use waka come home ooo

    Tee: all right thanks

    So I was left alone. Its gonna be my first day in school, even if its freezing I will sure take my bath. In no time I was in the bathroom, chai I couldn’t even use up half of the water in the bucket, I was screaming and cursing *abeg who send me* and Acme don tell me to respect myself ooo na me one do fresh boy. I manage to bath the lagosian way(if u know what I mean) and rushed out.

    Checking my bag, brought out the finest of my just four shirts and my only black codro, sprayed my pyramid perfume with my one and only black shoe, off to school I went, feeling fly with my credentials in my bag.

    Got to school, found my way to the clearance queue, it was a long one, standing in front of me was a pretty young girl, in my mind I was like *wow tee time to show your swags*

    I tried starting a conversation with her

    Me: hi, please am behind you, I quickly wanna get something to eat *with american ascent*

    Lady: all right but don’t stay long ooooo

    Me: thanks, I won’t or do you care for meat pie

    Lady: no thank you

    *chai, me wey no dey hungry, go just waste money buy meat pie wey no hungry me*

    Me: am back, thanks for keeping my space

    Lady: you are welcome, and where is the meat pie

    Me: *see casting ooo* the queue there was too long so I just changed my mind

    Lady: all right

    Me: by the way my name is tee, you?

    Lady: am Ife

    Me: ife, such a lovely name for a lovely damsel

    Ife:* smiled* thanks

    Me: well am in maths department, oh sorry am waiting to be cleared for Mathematics department, you nko?

    Ife: very funny of you, well am also waiting to be cleared for Mathematics department too

    Me: wow what a coincidence *chai I don catch my first babe*

    We kept talking till she was cleared and I did my clearance too. After the clearance she said we should proceed to the bank to pay the fee, well the fees given to us was School fees, acceptance and others…. #17,500

    Departmental fees………… #1500
    Faculty fees……………… #4000
    SUG…………………… #300

    And so on….

    But on me at that time was just #15,300 and Ife said we should go to bank together, omo see casting

    Me: ife I think I will just go and receive one or two lectures and go to the bank tomorrow, you know we have missed a lot of lectures

    Ife: that’s a good idea, let’s even see what the lectures look like

    I and Ife exchanged numbers and went straight to lectures.

    After lectures at about 2pm I called Mama….

    Me: Mama how are you doing

    Mama: tee my child am missing you already ooo

    Me: but Mama I just left yesterday na

    Mama: I know but am just missing you

    Me: Mama is it the missing me that is making you sound like this ? Are you alright ma?

    Mama: am ok am just having a little malaria

    Me: sorry ma, Mama why I called is to tell you that I might need to come back home ooo

    Mama: hanhan, you just left yesterday na, why are you coming back?

    Me: I might need to come and work for about two weeks to make enough money for the fees, cause it is more than we budgeted

    Mama: haaaa Mogbe (am in trouble)

    Me: mama don’t worry yourself, I have it under control. Am taking the next available bus home

    Mama: isn’t it too late

    Me: I will be fine ma

    Hurriedly I left school, told ife I would call her and rushed to Oko Erin. I was about opening the door when I saw that it was locked from inside, and the sound coming from in there was like that of a lady so I tried to ears drop.

    Lady: joor ooo diee diee (please take it easy) do you want to kill me ni, hassssh huuush, yeeeeee Maaami oooo, obo mi ti ya ooo(my mum, my punnany don tear oooo). I moved away from the door and couldn’t control my laughter, I was still laughing when I remember I still have to get to lagos, how would I go about this now? Who could be in the room with a lady amongst this guys?

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