Grinn, grin, ggrin, my phone rings, time check, its 6a.m in the morning, with heavy eyes I picked up the phone…..

    *caller: hello

    *me: hello who is this

    *caller: tee bawo ni (tee how are you)

    *me: Mo wa pa, e jo ta lo n soro (am fine, please who is speaking)

    *caller: boda e Shakiru ni (its me your uncle Shakiru)

    *me: Alhaji e kaa ro (Alhaji good morning)

    *Shakiru: shey o shi wa ni Ilorin ni abi o ti de eko (are you still in Ilorin or are you back in Lagos)

    *me: am in Lagos sir

    *Shakiru: well e ma bo ni Ajiran ooo (well, be coming to Ajiran)

    *me : shey ko is sir (hope no problem sir)

    Shakiru: Ko si, sha maa bo (no problem, just be coming)

    *me: Boda mi, ki lon shele (uncle what’s happening)

    *shakiru: anti mi ti ku oooo (my sister is dead)

    *me: ok sir……… Dropped call

    Got up from the bed, check the seating room, no one was there, got outside, saw daddy bathing Abimbola with his Elder brother with him. Big Daddy (dad’s elder brother) has been with us for 3 nights now for prayers and vigil.

    I called dad….

    *me: Daddy e wa (daddy please come)

    *Dad: ki lo shele (what’s up)

    *me: let’s go into the room…… Walked them into the room

    *me: Dad, alhaji shakiru just called me now, he said Mama has given up the ghost.

    *Dad: when

    *me: early this morning

    Next thing I saw was dad crying profusely, with his brother consoling him. I went outside, bathed Abimbola and then picked my phone and called my friends.

    Date check: 14th October 2010.
    ***Playloaded True Story***
    Back then Feb 11 2004, the 2004 African cup of Nations was on, it was a Semi-final match between Nigeria and Tunisia. As usual Nepa no gree give us light, so we were all at broda Samu’s room watching the match with his I better pass my neighbour generator. The match was locked at one goal each and it was becoming a fierce encounter.

    Suddenly I heard Charity (a neighbour) scream my name, Uncle tee, uncle tee, I dashed out to meet her and she shouted ‘your mum’.

    Ran inside to see my mum on the rug all sweaty and tensed, getting closer, I heard the cry of a new born baby and saw the head of the baby outside with the other parts still in her.

    In shock, I ran back outside straight to broda Samu’s room and screamed at him to follow me. We both ran with the speed of light, the kind of speed that Usain bolt will be jealous of.

    Getting inside, to my biggest surprise, broda Samu (broda Samu was married and as fat as papa Ajasco) was shaking, more tensed than the woman delivering. Next thing I saw was broda Samu crying, after some seconds he tried and muttered some words…

    Broda Samu: Tee what are we going to do

    Me: I don’t know that’s why I came to call you

    Broda Samu: Mama what do you think we should do

    Mama: (very calm) tee should go and call the nurse down the street.

    I quickly dashed out and called the nurse, within two minutes we were back together.

    Nurse: Madam, what you did is very risky, please don’t try it again. But I could see you are a very strong woman and you might have done this before but please don’t try it again. I will just cut the cord cause you have done most of the work.

    Ten minutes later, I placed a call to dad to tell him his wife just put to bed a bouncing baby boy.

    Eventually, Nigeria lost the match to Tunisia on penalties but no one in our compound really finish watching the match. Let me quickly add that this was not the first time Mama will be giving birth at home, her last two children were given birth to the same way (at home) without help.

    Eight days later, the boy was name Abimbola. After the birth of Abimbola, things started unfolding .

    Mama just arrived from Oguntolu hospital at Onipanu where she went for immunisation of her baby. She’s been having some pains in her left b0s0m and complained to the Matron who told her it could be the effect of the b0s0m feeding.

    Mama complained that this is not the first time she’s breastfeeding and such pain haven’t been felt before, the Matron insisted that she should watch the pain and report during her next immunisation day. She gave her some pain killers and sent her on her way.

    Well, Mama had four children in total 3 boys and a girl. Me, tos, yinkus and Abimbola.
    ***Playloaded True Story***
    Abimbola is now two years old and Mama hadn’t felt any pain again in her b0s0m. She had said she told God to take the pain away and He did.

    Mama came back from digging deep (church service) on a tuesday in december 2006 and the following conversation ensued……

    Tee: Mama I have great news for you

    Mama: what is it my dear

    Tee: my name came out on Unilorin addmision list

    Mama: thank you Jesus, the God that never fails.

    That’s great news my dear. So when are you resuming

    Tee: maybe after the yuletide season,

    Mama: So how much is the school fees,

    Tee: I don’t know yet but it can’t be more than 20k

    Mama: God that has started the good work will perfect it in Jesus Name

    Tee: Amen

    January was here quickly and Tee stepped out to travel to Ilorin, Mama ransacked the house and gave him 20k for his admission.

    Getting to Ilorin, Tee was left with less than 17k and no where to stay. Tee was meant to stay with some friends in Kwara poly, where he stayed during post jamb but unfortunately for him, the guys were still in Lagos and not planning to return soon.

    Stranded, he decide to call a friend he knew from lagos who also just got admission

    Tee: Bisola how far

    Bisola: tee how you dey na, you no go come do your registration ni?

    Tee: I just arrived today

    Bisola: henhen that’s nice, maybe we go block for school tomorrow

    Tee: am even bored here, which area are you maybe I could just visit

    Bisola: Am at Oko-Erin, where you dey sef?

    Tee: I dey Challenge

    Bisola: just call Oko Erin for any Taxi man and tell him you are dropping close to Girls secondary school in Oko-Erin

    Tee: ok, I will be there soon

    Ten minutes later, I arrived Oko-Erin and placed a call to Bisola. She waved me from far away and I walked to meet her, we exchanged pleasantries and she took me to where she stays……to be continued.

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