A man has lamented online after getting himself entangled in a dicy situation.

    A Nigerian man has asked for words of advice on how to handle a very serious relationship issue about to eat him up.

    He took to Nairaland forum and wrote:

    “I need help. Could she be saying the truth or she’s trying to hook.

    I’m in a very stable relationship and as a matter fact, I’ll be getting married to the love of my world, the one whom my heart continuously long for daily in next month.

    Nevertheless, there’s this lady whom happened to be an old friend for about 2 years now.

    We’ve been very close chat buddies and virtually could discuss anything online to each other (I mean anything). On one occasion, she suggested we meet up at my place to watch a movie Twilight together.

    Well, since I wasn’t doing anything in particular for the weekend and my fiance wasn’t in town, why not? (Trust me, my intents was pure and genuine).

    The Saturday came, and we did have a lovely time together until the devil struck. One thing led to another and we both ended up kissing and eventually had s3x. I wasn’t careless not to have not used a protection but I could remember the condom coming off at a Point and was quickly replaced with another new one. Trust me guyz, we both felt bad immediately after the incident and both apologized to one another and that was it.

    Fast forward to the present, I got a call from her for the first time after that incident (I had to cut off all communication with her after what happened) and she broke the news to me that she was feeling a little different which prompted her to go do a test, and to my greatest shock, she said it came out positive, SHE IS PREGNANT!!!

    How is this even possible? We made our precisely on the 30th of July and the test results shows she’s about 2weeks pregnant (Note: the test results shows it was carried out on the 12th of August. Moreover, I never even released when the condom came off into her and we had to remove it. How is it possible?

    Now, the mother called and even asked to see me in person that, the daughter already explained all that ensued between us, and I should come and let’s discuss our next move, that no daughter of hers gives birth outside wedlock.

    In all these, I am so confused. The honest truth is, I never told the lady in particular I was getting married in the month of September. My wife to be does know her as just a friend and that’s all but kept my wedding plans away from the lady despite how opened we were to each other.

    Playloadites, I am so confused. I have cried, begged her, pleaded with her to come clean with me, but she insists I was the only one she met within that time frame. Even in the presence of her mother, she kept asking her, are you sure? She kept insisting I was the only one she had s3x with last month.

    My world is presently on pause mode as I don’t know what to do anymore. But I am 99.9% sure I am not responsible for the pregnancy. I even requested she used my hospital for a second test and it still came out positive.

    I am currently, planning on telling my wife to be the whole truth and before then, involve our counselling pastor. I can’t bring myself to tell my family despite the fact her mother keep insisting she comes to see my mother.

    My inner most being tells me I am being set up, because I remember vividly on that night, she kept insisting I remove the condom that it was hurting her but I insisted.

    Could the pregnancy be truly mine? Do I come clean to my babe? Do I just runaway? So many questions and I am deeply depressed and sad on how I got myself into the terrible mess. At this moment, I deserve whatever insults is thrown at me. I truly deserve them, BUT I NEVER FOR ONCE DOUBT my love for my wife to be, I truly love her…”

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