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    ★★★Surri’s POV★★★
    Mom had tears in her eyes.

    “What are you still doing there Surri? Go get your bags. This marriage is over!“ Mom half yelled.

    I glanced at kyong, his face was expressionless. I couldn’t read his thoughts.

    Mom and I went upstairs. When we got to her room, I stopped her.

    “Omma, what’s going on?“ I asked curious.

    “That man was never meant for me. His a liar “ she said.

    “What happened?“ I asked.

    “I’ll tell you in the car. Just go and pack your things.“ She said.

    I was forced to obey her and began gathering my things.

    ★★★Kyong’s POV★★★
    Dad was also furious.

    “That woman is just a burden. Let her leave!“ He said angrily and stormed out.

    Surri’s leaving?… Why is all this happening.

    ★★★Surri’s POV★★★
    Mom and I were ready to go. We stood by the entrance of the house waiting for the driver.

    Mom doesn’t want me to go back into the house and all I wanted to do was to see kyong.

    But by the way, he doesn’t look bothered about me leaving….

    The car came and mom and I entered. Just then, Oprah walked into the compound and headed for The main house.

    With what she was wearing… I knew she was here for Kyong.

    I buried my head inbetween my legs and cried.

    Why can’t I ever be happy with the one I love??

    ★★★Oprah’s POV★★★
    I saw them leaving and I laughed inwardly. My plan worked!

    I went towards Kyong’s room to go and console him and God willing, we might make out and he’ll be all mine.

    I entered his room and saw him drinking. I came over and hugged him from behind.

    I pecked him.

    He groaned and pull me away.

    “What are you doing?!“ He asked.

    “Am sorry,…. I just wanted to keep you company.“ I stuttered.

    He was calm and sat on his seat and continued drinking. I sat beside him. I poured myself a drink joining him.

    He looked just sad.

    ★★★Surri’s POV★★★
    Mom and I arrived at a house. She gave me the keys to my room and gave me a new phone.

    I laid on my bed as I scrolled through Facebook looking for Kyong’s based pages. I stared at his pictures till I fell asleep.

    ★★★Kyong’s POV★★★
    As Oprah and I sat together on a couch drinking, my guard walked in

    “I’ve traced their location“ he said.

    I nodded grabbing my coat.

    “Where are you going?“ Oprah asked.

    “Work….“ I muttered and left.

    The driver drove me to Mrs Jin’s address. I knocked for a while.

    She opened the door.

    “Kyong?! Aigoo, what are you doing here?“ She asked.

    “I want to see Surri.“ I said tho. I couldn’t believe am saying this.

    She let me in and directed me to Surri’s room.

    I exhaled before coming in. She didn’t even notice my presence cause she didn’t turn or move.

    I stared at her from behind and saw her with her phone. I looked into it. My pictures… She was looking at my pictures.

    I was suprised.

    Then she turned and saw me. She hid her phone and sat up.

    “Surri….“ I muttered. I sat beside her.

    She shifted from me with her hands folded.

    “Surri.. What’s wrong?“ I asked.

    “You don’t care about me. You didn’t even care to say goodbye.“ She said and sniffed.

    “Your mom could have chopped my head off.“ I said.

    She was quiet then fluttered up and we both kissed.

    I kissed her like I would die if I didn’t. Just kissing her felt right.

    I took off my heavy coat and we both advanced. I hope this doesn’t lead to something else. She’d hate me……

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