‘A Simple Kiss – A Playloaded Korean Story! (Updating)’

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    ★★★★ PROLOGUE ★★★★★
    Famous singer Kyong goes for a concert at a local city in Korea.

    He meets Surri who was one of the maids there

    Both of them were hot headed and hardly got along but Kyong liked surri cause she wasn’t as crazy as other girls were towards him

    She was plain and open minded

    The concert was over and Kyong had to return to his city

    On the day he was leaving, Surri seized the moment she got and gave Kyong a short kiss on the lip and ran away before Kyong could unleash his anger cause he was clearly irritated

    Kyong was back with his family… Mr Sam his foster father and he’s newly wedded wife, mrs Jin who was now his step mom

    Kyong hardly talks to his parents and he was still taking in the fact that his Father wouldn’t let him live alone

    Mrs Jin on the other hand is searching for her long lost daughter who she got separated from years ago

    Young detective Oprah who was a year older than Kyong was given the case of mrs Jin’s missing child

    In no time, she found the girl and it happened to be ‘Surri’.

    Whats gonna be Kyong’s reaction when he meets Surri again?

    Whats gonna happen when detective Oprah falls Inlove with Kyong?

    Written By: Feathers

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